‘ARTS AND CRAFTS OF INDIA’ By ‘Anuradha Sowmyanarayanan’

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AuthorAnuradha Sowmyanarayanan
Print Length: 68
Genre: Non-Fiction
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Likhnu! Namda! Heard about these? These figures up on the floor one as a painting & the other as a carpet. “THIS HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA.” These are exclusive in style and form with a traditional Indian touch. The Arts and Crafts of India.

Arts and Crafts of India is the title of the book It has 26 chapters with clear information on the various arts and crafts practiced in India. The chapters move in an alphabetical order providing interesting details of the origin, procedure, and nature of the said art or craft.

It’s Conventional Arts And Crafts. The book assures to take readers on an enriching tour showcasing the skills of the artisans in India. The book aims to make the readers appreciate and support the craftsmen

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India is the land of arts, crafts, and culture that is spread across its length and breadth. This vast sub-continent carries its own heritage of ample art forms and craft variants. Every semblance is assiduously peculiar and equally enthralling.

For an art enthusiast like me, this book is a treasure. Through this book, I got to know the significance of the art-form techniques plus the benefits and reflections. Hailing from the southern part of India and from the cultural background, I felt some mislay chunks in the defined forms however the attempt is earnestly commendable.

Anuradha presents a quadricentennial plus collection of conventional artwork and craft forms in a curated approach. For me, this book is a virtual tour across every region in India to introduce the acclaimed regional practiced mastery.

 The author included respective minuscule details like origination, cultural importance, heritage prominence, geographic noteworthiness, and ethnic group particulars who practice the art forms. Interestingly author elucidates every elemental detail that reflects the author’s diligence.

To Conclude…!!!

If you are art and craft fervent, this book is a decent pick. A feel-good informative guide will make you introduce ample artifacts along the comprehensive swotting is something to take away. With a bag full of talents under her belt, Anuradha did a commendable job in her area of interest.

Special Mention…!!!

She also hails from the same district where I was born, brought up, and live. With credible interest and involvement, this book is a testament to the Indian subcontinent’s art and crafts legacy in the words of Anuradha.

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PublisherJaico Publishing House
Author Contact: Anuradha Sowmyanarayanan
My HandleKiran_Kumar_Adharapuram
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7 thoughts on “‘ARTS AND CRAFTS OF INDIA’ By ‘Anuradha Sowmyanarayanan’

  1. Indian artisans are so good that if given the right platform can make a lot of money and live better than they generally do. Would like to check this book out to know the work all over India.

  2. I also wanted to review this book but unfortunately, didn’t get the opportunity. But seeing you review this piece of art is pleasing. Art entice me and this review impressed me. I congratulate author for this masterpiece.

  3. Wow you’re reviewed this book very well. And your book selection is excellent. I am sure that you are a good reader & good reviewer. ❤

  4. This sounds fun and interesting
    Your review about is concise and apt and I would love to read this one
    Will definitely pick it up

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