Book Review : “Meet Me In Milan” By ‘KD Sherrinford’

TitleMeet Me In Milan
AuthorKD Sherrinford
Series: Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler Mysteries[3 of 3]
Print Length: 106 Pages
Publication Date: 29 September 2023
Language: English
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The deepest secrets are often to be found out in the open if you only know where to look.

While her husband, Sherlock Holmes, is off playing detective in London, Irene Adler finds herself having to turn investigator when her friend Renata becomes the prime suspect in the attempted murder of her husband, Luigi Amato. How can she refute the testimony of a credible eyewitness, even though her heart tells her that Renata is innocent? What she needs is tangible evidence, and she’s willing to do what she must to obtain it.

When Sherlock finally arrives on the scene, Irene seeks his counsel, and he agrees to assist with her investigation. However, their relationship is called into question by Irene’s dear friend Sophia, who is not overly fond of Irene’s husband nor approving of the way in which they conduct their marriage. Will Irene be able to prove her friend Renata’s innocence, or is there a more tangled web of deception at play? And will Sophia’s misgivings regarding her marriage bear unfortunate fruit?

Through these celebrated pairs and their relationships, the author provides solutions to everyday relationship problems. He offers readers a key for each of the stories to ponder over, and absorb, and provides methods to put into practice. At a time when people are losing faith in the existence of true love, six classic love stories offer ways to make your new-age relationship outlast the clock.

KD Sherrinford was born and bred in Preston, Lancashire; she now lives on the Fylde Coast with her husband, John, and their children—an avid reader from an early age. KD was a huge fan of Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. She had read the Conan Doyle canon by the time she was 13.

KD had a varied career, working with thoroughbred horses and racing greyhounds. To mix things up, she joined Countrywide and became a Fellow of The National Association of Estate Agents. Retirement finally allowed KD to write her first novel, ” Song for Someone.” KD got the idea for the story after a visit to The Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street, London, in 2019 with her daughter Katie. KD always wanted to write about Irene Adler. She is such an iconic character. A talented pianist from age six, the music from some of KD’s favourite composers, Beethoven, Wagner, and Stephen Foster, all feature strongly in her writing.

Song for Someone” was awarded The Editors Choice Gold Seal Medal in 2022 and Book Viral and Readers Choice 5-star rating in 2023. “Christmas at The Saporis” was published last December. The third book, “Meet Me In Milan“, will go live on the 29th of September 2023. KD Sherrinford is a member of The CWA, the RNA and the LWA. Her short, cosy mystery “A Bit of a Do” will be published in Marla Breeden’s anthology titled Malice Matrimony and Murder On the 13th of November 2023.

Meet Me In Milan” by KD Sherrinford is a triumphant blend of mystery and the enduring power of friendship. In the absence of her husband, Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler takes the lead as she fights to clear her friend Renata’s name in a murder attempt case in Milan.

The book excels in crafting authentic and relatable characters. Irene’s determination to prove Renata’s innocence is a testament to the strength of their friendship. Additionally, the underlying tension between Irene and Sophia, her dear friend, adds a layer of complexity and depth to the story.

Sherrinford’s storytelling is a marvel of lucid language. The book effortlessly immerses you in the heart of Milan’s culture and charm, making it more than just a mystery novel. It’s a testament to the enduring bonds of friendship and the lengths one would go to protect their loved ones.

That incomparable feeling at the pit of your stomach, the excitement of knowing you would soon meet, those feelings remained as intense as when we’d first meet

After finishing “Meet Me In Milan,” I felt a sense of satisfaction in witnessing the characters’ growth and evolution. It’s a book that combines an intriguing mystery with heartwarming themes of loyalty and friendship, making it a highly recommended read for those seeking both depth and excitement in their literature.

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