Book Review: “Till God Wakes” By “Paramjit Kumar & Monica B Sood”

Title: Till God Wakes
[Immortal Story of Sino-Indian War in Nefa]
Author: Paramjit Kumar & Monica B Sood
Pages: 344
Genre: War-Memoir
Publication date: 12 March 2024
Publishers: White Falcon Publishing
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dr. Monica B. Sood is a qualified Physician in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery and the Unani System of Medicine, With majors in Psychology; she added more feathers to her cap by earning the Master’s in Human Resources, International Business, and Law Dr. Monica, who is a widely travelled and qualified woman is also an author of several books, she is personally committed to banish deadly diseases and to alleviate suffering of the downtrodden and to create peace among the different nations.

She is the sole in charge of Navjivan Group and all the wings functioning under the same. She is also the Chairperson of Navjivan International, which is a World Brotherhood body to heal humanity and eradicate the ills which afflict human society at large; apart from the ailments of the body. Navjivan International was set up by Dr. Monica B. Sood in deference to the wishes of her father Late Paramjit Kumar.

Dr. Monica B. Sood, reflecting on “Paramjit Kumar was more the father’s profound influence, shared, my father, he was my unconditional mention His legacy of courage and empathy lives on through his remarkable work. She emphasized his fervent desire for indian youth to appreciate the valor displayed during the Sing Indian War, a sentiment echoed by attendees

Paramjit Kumar, an Indian-born author, philosopher, and economist, possessed the gift of speaking multiple languages and had explored numerous corners of the world. In 1945, during his youth, he established connections with Mahatma Gandhi and engaged in peaceful discussions with leaders of the Muslim League and Lord Wavell in a concerted effort to prevent the partition of India.

As time went on, Kumar’s life mission expanded to encompass the pursuit of global peace and the liberation of Tibet. His endeavours in this direction were blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who appointed him as his special envoy for the cause of Tibetan freedom. Kumar adeptly cultivated international relationships, fostering a shared resonance of ideas among people from diverse races, cultures, and nationalities across the globe. In addition to his socio-cultural activities aimed at promoting unity and national cohesion within India, he conducted extensive campaigns in the name of world peace.

Author Accolades..!!

Among Mr. Kumar’s noteworthy prior publications were “Lull before the Red Typhoon,” “Scourge From The Sky,” and “Lest We Become Slaves,” published in 1953. The latter was an exceptional work in which he presciently foresaw Red China’s future attack on India. Another notable work was “Roll Call of Death,” published in New York.

In 1966, while serving as the Secretary General of the Forum for Facts on Tibet and Vietnam, he had the opportunity to inspect the war zone in Vietnam, and his personal experiences there formed the basis for some of the incidents recounted in “Roll Call of Death.” Additionally, he published “The People’s Guardian,” a weekly magazine dedicated to unveiling social injustices and political corruption in India during those years.

This book is a definite guide that takes us back to the era of the war and the author excelled in bringing his research and analysis to make this an interesting read. As we know the unforeseen attempt from China through an unplanned attack on India shook the entire nation.

The so-called sino-Indian war unveils ample facts and episodes that the nation wanted to know. The author successfully brought his essence amalgamating the live scenarios and his thought process to make this book interesting and unfold a deeper understanding of this havoc.

Though this book is detailed descriptive and lengthy, tons of sequences and scenarios will not only stick the readers with the author’s skillful screenplay but also it will take readers virtually to the war era to uncover facts and certitude.

I felt the author would have gone deeper on certain topics in the interest of war episodes as I felt a few pieces in the jigsaw are being missed here and there. However, the pace at which the book goes is simply phenomenal.

Book Accolades..!!

Undoubtedly this is a must-owned book for anyone who wishes to savor the taste of global peace and liberation. Special mention to the world’s greatest leaders like “His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama” and “Mahatma Gandhi” shaped Kumar’s notion against global nuances and national cohesion. Work on spending your time and energy on this book to learn and understand world peace by promoting unity and national cohesion within India and across the globe.

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Till God Wakes – White Falcon

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