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Unraveling the Mystery of Chandrayan Gupta’s “Reason to FightA Radha-Aditya Thriller

Title: Reason to Fight: A Radha-Aditya Thriller
Author: Chandrayan Gupta
Print Length:
Fiction [Thriller]

When the police deem the mysterious death of a television actor’s son a suicide, the grieving father turns to his niece, the solider-turned-private-investigator Radha Bose, who suffers from PTSD over a harrowing exit from the military. Meanwhile, when cynical, sardonic teenager Aditya Gokhale is pursuaded to attend therapy after an unsuccessful suicide attempt, the therapist suggests that Aditya, who has recently dropped out of college, occupy himself by working with her friend, a certain female private investigator.

In this unique blend of crime thriller, psychological thriller, drama, and (the start of an unlikely) love story, what begins as a simple investigation turns into a labyrinth of lies, deception, greed, and betrayal, as Radha and Aditya, while navigating their inexorably complex relationship, hunt a murderer so cold, so calculating, so heartless, as to make the blood run cold.

Chandrayan Gupta is the author of four psychological crime thriller novels and the recipient of five Top Writer tags on the internationally reputed publishing platform Medium, where he has published 300+ articles on topics ranging from mental health to writing. His fourth novel, Motherson, has been critically acclaimed.

In the thrilling pages of “Reason to Fight,” Chandrayan Gupta weaves a narrative that transcends the typical crime thriller by blending elements of psychological drama, complex human relationships, and the inception of an unlikely romance. This gripping tale explores the darker recesses of human nature, leaving readers both intrigued and chilled by its chilling revelations.

The story begins with the tragic and mysterious death of a television actor’s son. The police, quick to close the case, rule it a suicide. However, the grieving father, unable to accept this conclusion, turns to his niece, Radha Bose, for help. Radha is no ordinary private investigator. She is a former soldier who exited the military under harrowing circumstances, and is haunted by PTSD, adding a lot of depth to her character and methods.

Radha’s entry into the investigation marks the beginning of a journey fraught with personal demons and external dangers. Her PTSD is not just a background detail but a pivotal aspect of her character, influencing her decisions and interactions. This portrayal adds a layer of realism to her character, making her both relatable and compelling.

Parallel to Radha’s narrative is the story of Aditya Gokhale, a teenager grappling with his own demons. Cynical and sardonic, Aditya has recently attempted suicide and subsequently dropped out of college. His therapist, in an attempt to help him find purpose and direction, suggests he assist a friend—a certain female private investigator. This suggestion is the catalyst for the intertwining of Aditya’s and Radha’s lives.

As Radha and Aditya delve deeper into the case, what initially seemed like a straightforward investigation unravels into a labyrinth of lies, deception, greed, and betrayal. Gupta’s narrative skillfully leads readers through twists and turns, each more shocking than the last. The suspects, each with their own secrets and motives, add to the suspense, making it difficult to discern who can be trusted.

Book Highlights…!!!

The antagonist of the story is a murderer so cold and calculating that they leave a trail of fear and uncertainty in their wake. Gupta’s portrayal of this character is chilling, their actions and motivations revealing the darkest aspects of human nature. The eventual confrontation between the investigators and the murderer is a culmination of the tension that has been building throughout the novel, delivering a satisfying yet unsettling resolution.

Plot Dynamics..!!

The dynamic between Radha and Aditya is one of the novel’s highlights. Their relationship, marked by initial reluctance and eventual mutual respect, evolves naturally and adds emotional depth to the story. Aditya’s sarcasm and Radha’s hardened exterior create a compelling contrast, providing moments of levity amidst the intense investigation.

“Reason to Fight” is more than just a crime thriller; it is a study of human resilience and the complexities of the human psyche. Radha and Aditya, each battling their own inner demons, find strength in their partnership, highlighting themes of redemption and personal growth. Their journey is a testament to the human spirit’s ability to persevere in the face of overwhelming odds.

The novel also subtly addresses societal issues, such as mental health and the stigma surrounding it. By depicting Radha’s PTSD and Aditya’s depression with sensitivity and realism, Gupta brings attention to these important topics, encouraging empathy and understanding.

In conclusion, “Reason to Fight” by Chandrayan Gupta is a compelling read that offers more than just a typical crime story. It is a rich tapestry of psychological depth, emotional complexity, and thrilling suspense. Radha Bose and Aditya Gokhale’s journey is one that will stay with readers long after the final page is turned, making this novel a must-read for fans of the genre. Gupta’s ability to blend various elements seamlessly into a cohesive and gripping narrative marks “Reason to Fight” as a standout work in contemporary fiction.

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