Who Burned The Moon – Rahul Vishnoi

Book Title: Who Burned The Moon
Author: Rahul Vishnoi
Reading level: 16.00+ years
Paperback: 252 pages
Publisher: #BOOKed; 1 edition (2018)
Language: English

‘Who Burned the Moon?’ by Rahul Vishnoi is a fun-filled fantasy thriller with supernatural elements and a superhero. Yep, India’s first doctor superhero
This novel has a superhero, but it’s not about him. It’s about his best friend-Rehan Saxena. He couldn’t even pass class XII, but his mother wants him to become a “dactar”. Thanks to a duplicate marksheet, he’s sent packing to Lala Purabnath’s Medical College
Here Rehan befriends Namak, who happens to be a superhero in the making. Namak doesn’t wear a back-hanging dupatta like Superman, but he does have this kickass-looking burning moon between his tits and he can fly, too (occasionally though). So are you thinking it’s pretty cool to have a superhero as your BFF, right?
Namak is an heir to a superpower that Lala Purabnath has been seeking for decades. As Lala discovers his identity, Rehan finds his life stirring into an epic mess that involves gilchis, flesh-eating apes and sex-crazed professors. Dragged through tunnels; thrown down the hostel; forced to participate in a ferocious blood game called Moontrack, Rehan has to pay the price of being friends with a guy whose superhero cherry hasn’t popped fully yet. Can Rehan survive beyond the first week of MBBS-I YR?

My View:
One of the unique books I read till date. A creative story which was nicely knitted with Namak(Super Hero) and LPMC college. Story carries all the blend of suspense and mystery. Notably author way of presenting comedy is awesome. This book broke the myth that authors from medical background use the complicated medical terminology(past experiences). Interesting narration and natural flow are plus points in the book. Unlike my previous reviews, I am not revealing anything on plot as I felt every word of author in the book is to be thoroughly experienced by the readers.

Full marks to author on his debut novel, this book really stands eccentric from the rest of contemporary fiction genre books. Not to miss mentioning the cover page which is nicely designed and apt as well. Interestingly book comes with few photo posters that closely relate to the novel. Also the different names of the characters.

Overall “Who Burned The Moon – Rahul Vishnoi” is worth reading. Recommended for the readers who are looking for a different genre read. Books ends up to be a delightful and interesting read, I personally rate as 4/5

Kiran K Adharpuram

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  1. Thanks for the heartfelt review Kiran. Unlike so many others, it shows you have actually taken the pains to read the novel before reviewing it. Hope my other works will keep you enthralled too. Thanks again. 🙂

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