Book Teaser: Bahir – MONISHA K GUMBER

Title: BAHIR
Paperback: 204 pages
Publisher: Wordit (19 April 2018)

A tale of utter desperation and fierce hope. And a fight for honour.  Meet Sawera. A beautiful and Sensual woman. Born in Pakistan, raised in the Middle East and abused wherever she goes. Struggling to find acceptance, which eludes her over and over again, she ends up being an outcast. Who belongs nowhere and to no-one.

Used and manipulated by the men she loved, from the depths of her soul she claims her self-respect, along with the faith to overcome her pitiful circumstances.

Where does she find her strength? What is the breaking point? How does she get over the demons of her past? Follow the story of Sawera, a child born of midnight into the dawn of new hope. Uncover the secrets and conspiracies that make her the woman she is. Read her story, a story of survival.

My View:
One of the recent books which grabbed my attention, Bahir is the story of a girl born in Pakistan who travels across the Middle East, and has an unusually turbulent life, stumbling from one misfortune to another and managing to snatch misery from the jaws of hope and resurrecting herself every time you count her out, and repeating this so many times!

Celebrity Reviews:
“A gripping page turner that didn’t leave for a moment, a phenomenal story showing the brutal realities of life in the author’s signature light-weight style “ : Mahesh Bhatt

“An enthralling social satire that makes you introspect” : Sumit Agarwal (National bestselling author)

“A saga that haunts the reader until the last page. Unput downable” : Rohini Sunderam (Author & Founder member of Bahrain Writers’ Circle)

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