Wading Through – Rahul Palulli


Book Title: Wading Through
Author: Rahul Palulli
Format: Kindle
Total Number of Pages: 33
Publisher: Rahul Palulli
Publishing Year: 8th Jan 2018

Nature is a metaphor. Many a thought lie underneath. She is an artist. The boundless sky, her canvas. She is a skilled storyteller. For, she tells us truckloads of tales, like a granny would. A peep into the panorama around us, is perhaps the perfect panacea to ensure peace of mind.
A dive into the nature’s craft!
A wade through the stream of thoughts!!

My Review:
Wading Through is a collection of 12 poems well composed by picking the elements of nature like Breeze, Monsoon, Rainbow, Spring, Rain and so on. Looking through the eyes of author these poems have a deeper meaning of understanding the nature.
My favorite poem is “A tiny tide saw a cute little cloud. He waved.!!“, this proves the attachment and the friendship a tide has on cloud(mother nature), similarly most of the poems author conveyed profound meaning bringing reader experience the nature with his work.

Author was at his best in using the images that exactly convey the meaning of those poems and its theme

Overall I rate “Wading Through – Rahul Palulli” as 4/5 with a simple and understanding vocabulary, short and sweet and an awesome read. However, I wished author would have picked few more elements and extended his work, which we may expect in his upcoming work.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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