Aarohi: The Missing Girl – Biplab KR. Das

Aarohi: The Missing Girl by [Das, Biplab Kumar]
Book Title: Aarohi: The Missing Girl –
Author: Biplab KR. Das
Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 699.0 KB
Print Length: 29 pages
Publisher: Pens N Paper (11 February 2018)

Aarohi, the daughter of Mr. Adinath Roy and Mrs. Ashima Roy was found missing from a populated market just one day before her birthday. Mr. Adinath Roy chased the suspect Ashraf Ali but the later was hit by a truck and died on the spot.
Police Inspector Amol Mishra of Tezpur was assigned to investigate the mysterious incident. The police found it very strange that a girl was kidnapped in broad daylight from a populated market. Where had Aarohi disappeared and had one of her kin played a part in her mysterious disappearance?

My Review:
Aarohi: The Missing Girl
 book revolves around the concept of Child Trafficking in India, As the cover picture and the title with a girl child in background gives an outline this is a child missing case, Author kept readers on nerve until the end if the protagonist Aarohi, the missing girl got traced and the story has a happy ending ?
No to spoil the suspense, I would ask to read this short and cute thriller story which has a swift flow and decent vocabulary. Interestingly author used too many aarohi ‘s in the plot which justifies she( aarohi/missing children) is not alone. Being a non Assamese reader one would expect English translation in places where those words are used, the climax would have better with added story line in a detailed way explaining kidnap plot and Ashraf part ..!!
This book throws a clear message focusing everyone’s responsibility to voice out against the crimes/child trafficking maniac’s and to be cautious towards their family and beloved ones to prevent from becoming prey for this evil.

With good story lineup, short and sweet, decent vocabulary and contemporary issue in focus unlike a traditional love story genre, this book stands different, I personally rate “Aarohi: The Missing Girl – Biplab KR. Das” as 3.5/5 , with a need of enhanced story and need of Assamese dialog translation and need of minimized used of unpleasant words this is a one time read with decent speed and page turner in the thriller/mystery genre.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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