Draupadi in a Brothel House – M Kaarthika Santhosh

28053984_1601933653175204_1120067897_nTitle: Draupadi in a Brothel House
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Can you imagine Draupadi in a Brothel house? How did she end there and who is responsible for that? Read this short story to meet her and know about her life.

My Review:
Draupadi in a Brothel House, did I read correctly, why did author choose to bring mythological reference, did the author know the risk of doing this!!!
These are the questions I had just looking at this title. I should say the title is apt as the perfect reference was made to justify the title.

Unfortunately, prostitution is one of those professions which women are forced to be deployed may it be any reason.Human trafficking specially for sex positions are being high in present days. Author was successful in explaining the disturbed life of a sex worker, Sonu who is son of one of those sex workers wanted her to bring back from that kind of world and to lead a respectable life in the society, Did he bring her out or did she continue her profession for her son well being, answer is this book story.

I could able to complete in 5-7 mins,this is really a page turner, overall its simple English, fast and composed narration of life and the pain points of being a mother in a brothel house.

Overall I rate ”Draupadi in a Brothel House – M Kaarthika Santhosh” as 4/5 with an emotional touch and hard hitting climax justified mythological reference for title, definitely a onetime read.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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