The Stream Of Happiness by Nagaraja Koodli

Book Details

Book Name: The Stream of Happiness: A Book on Life and Living
Author: Nagaraja Koodli
Publisher: Notion Press
Genre: Parenting Guide – SelfHelp
Pages: 159

About Author

Nagaraja Koodli is a mining engineer who retired from government service. He has a formidable eclectic background in sports, physiology, yoga, scriptures, spirituality, law, business management, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, transactional analysis, child development, brain sciences, cosmology, astronomy, archaeology, paleontology, geology, etc.

Book Details

The book covers new types of essays on day-to-day matters, stimulating the reader to read idea after idea. A fresh way of glimpsing life from all vantage points is presented in 30 essays on wide-ranging topics that are relevant today. Tips are provided in many essays to lead an exuberant life.

My Thoughts

As the title rightly says this book is all about “Life and Living”, We all define and design our happiness in our respective way. What if we have a well-drafted delineation with tons of knowledge, research, and learnings?

Mr. Nagaraja Koodli gifted “The Stream Of Happiness” with a decent 12 chapters which had a perfect blend of 30 wide essays in the detailed embodiment.

I love to call this a “Survival Guide”, this book is a clenching handbook for every parent to mold themself and to Volunteer their kids towards a creative, innovative, anxiety-free, and confident world. He firmly believes every individual ripens in the process of being an ideal person from their babyhood. This book starts with a few beautiful pictures of an ambitious morning and many aspects of motor skills and a detailed explanation of “Intuition”, likewise, he also spoke on the “Purpose of Life” and so on.

Chapters and concepts dealt with in the book is a boon to every parent/individual and it helps in guiding the fathers/mothers with many illustrations and examples. The author also touched upon the “Scenario” concepts and it will make you think and provide you with classic “giveaway – tips” in parenting.

My favorite pick is “PART 4”, where Mr. Nagaraja Koodli spoke about many aspects like anatomy, narcissism, dream, fear, and auto-pilot. Commendable job in expounding every strand mentioned and the respective explanation with an inhabit exemplar. Dont miss this chapter if you happen to read this book. I missed my count of reading this chapter.

Every chapter and subsequent essay is equally important and informative and consolidates many aspects for the present and future generations. Tons of knowledge and research were poured into every line you read and you eventually realize during this book read journey. Most important, the author didn’t leave any stone unturned in spouting out the knowledge that is necessary for an ideal parenting guide.

Special mentions to Mr. Nagaraja’s wit and humor throughout the read. with a decent vocabulary, alluring composure, and surfeit of parenting assistance, this book is much recommended for every reader, especially for Parents and to-be parent class. No wonder this book is a “Happiness Guide” and a “Practitioner Manual” with a free writing style and rich content. Go for this book, you will fall in love with the narrative skills and knowledge treasure which adds up with an attractive book cover.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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