The Modesty and Majesty of Being: Poems to Inspire and Introspect by “Dhaval Rathod”

Book Title: The Modesty and Majesty of Being: Poems to Inspire and Introspect
Publisher: Notion Press
Genre: Poetry
Page Count: 220

About Author:
An English educator by profession and a writer by passion, Dhaval Rathod believe that storytelling is a divine art that gives writers an opportunity of touching peoples’ hearts, minds, and souls. According to him, it is the millions of stories that have lifted the mankind from ground floor to the height of a million storeys.
He has published two books: A Season of Shooting Stars, a collection of poems, and Unleash That River, an anthology of short romantic stories. Another of his short story “The Carpet Connection” is available at Juggernaut Writing Platform for free. He has also written several articles for the Rajkot Plus supplement of The Times of India.

The Modesty and Majesty of Being is a collection of poems that explore this idea through various standpoints. The book is divided into four sections dedicated to the modesty and majesty in us, nature, the universe, and love.

Poetry is always my go-to genre no matter which temperament I undergo. Poetry is a boon to the authors as this serves as a super special medium to bring out an ideal standpoint to book lovers. “The Modesty & Majesty of Being: Poems to inspire & Introspect” by Dhaval Rathod is a gallant gift to his readers. Curiously this book is divided into four nuggets, while each chunk talks about

The Modesty and Majesty of
1. Being
2. Nature
3. Universe
4. Love

While every division talks about the different aspects of the respective POV, this book leaves a memorable impression on your heart. 160+ long composures have much more to offer to an adrant reader like me. Dhaval Rathod yet again established his love and affection towards nature, universe, and well-being in this poetry work.

I strongly recommend reading this book by making yourself amalgamated with nature like a terrace facing an open sky, sitting next to a river/sea shore, a serene place with your closed one, or walking along the chirping sounds of an early jog. I could get many benefits out of this attempt from this book plus the double joy of reading.

Every line or the verses drafted in the book is soo deep that you will instantly fall in love with the author’s vocabulary and narrative adroitness. This book brings you inner blissfulness and can be a healer for your psychic prosperity. I am genuinely short of my words to elucidate how I felt throughout this poetry journey. Every pearl beaded in this beautiful collection is a perfect exemplar of the authors writing skill and capability.

It is a rare phenomenon where the author pens down beautifully and squeezes out every bit and piece of possible emotion and it isn’t an ordinary task to mesmerize readers by connecting nature, love, well-being, and the universe. A few poems are heart-melting, so I made a separate note out of it and read those quite often to pump my motivation and nature affirmation.

My top 3 favorite picks:
1. A Solace for the soul
2. Destiny
3. Ten Twinkling Little Stars

If you are looking for a bookish companion who can hand-hold you towards nature and provide an exquisite cheer by connecting you towards love, nature, universe, and well-being this book is for you. with elements in nature, duality in everything you see and to offer love with a quality of modesty and majesty go for it.

Not to miss mentioning about adorable book cover design and exceptional quality. Dip into the world of nature and love through poetry and start adoring the writing skills of Dhaval Rathod.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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