Messed Up! But all for Love #Arvind Parashar


Book Title: Messed Up! But all for Love
Author: Arvind Parashar
Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9382665943
ISBN-13: 978-9382665946
Publishing Date: 1 May 2017

Neil is a senior executive working with a leading brand name and his wife Gauri is a dentist running her own clinic. They are a loving and doting young married couple, living a life of comfort in posh suburban Gurgaon. Neil’s fitness consultant Srinya seems to be stirring some trouble in their lives, though.
Drishti is a TV news anchor and journalist and her husband Somesh, a top cop. They are bored of their mundane busy lives, until a chance meeting with Neil and his friends in Cuba that changes everything.
To add sanity and madness to their lives are the funny and mysterious set of friends – Tom, Jerry, James, Mehr and Antriksha. The havoc ensues when Drishti gets abducted and Neil is framed for it. Gauri finds out some bitter truths and leaves Neil. But what really is the truth?

When facts finally surface, we will know how much these lives are
Messed Up! But All for Love.

Intrigue (no spoilers):
This book is one of its kind in contemporary fiction genre which revolves around the beautiful word LOVE. Author took utmost care to make the readers to taste the flavours of love, friendship, betrayal, and revenge. The story starts with the narration of  Neil’s past events to his boss Ganga and the progress grips introducing the characters with twists and turns which keep readers hooked till the end.

My Review:
The cover page of the book is awesome, having an image of a couple and a girl  specially the orange and yellow texture, The language of the book is so easy that keeps reader engaged and make its readers literally eager even for the next line, I find nothing bad in using the hindi dialogues and English song lyrics as story goes inline with narration. This is one of the books I finished single go in few hours. Found most of the book characters like Jerry , James , Neil, Ganga, Drishti , Srinya , Tom or Mehr are  very closely related with the peoples we meet day to day. Special mention to the Cuba episode which is the key element of the book

Author would have taken extra care by reducing the dosage of words explaining couple intimacy, as the book started with the narration of a person to his boss which made me me to think as “one sided” , it also has an extra ounce of indian melodramatic style which would have been avoided in the interest of engaged storyline.

Overall, Messed up! But all for love is a short engaging love story majorly for the romantic readers, comes with a clear tag of miscommunication, misunderstanding & separation, one time read. Its ok to get messed for LOVE asfar as it is happy ending which is unpredictable though.

Book Cover-4.5/5 (Attract readers with title and picture)
Story & Narration: 4/5 (Fast Paced, Unpredicted climax)
Language & Plot: 4/5 (Simple language with blend of Hindi/ English Dialogues/Lyrics)

As a whole I personally rate “Messed Up! But all for Love” as 4/5
Mr Arvind Parashar now(Jan 11th 2018) brought in “Lost in Love” as a sequel.

Kiran K Adhrapuram

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