“I Wear The Smile You Gave” #Shweta Shah


Book Title: I Wear The Smile You Gave
Author: Shweta Shah
Format: Paper Back (204 pages)
Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers;
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9386673932
ISBN-13: 978-9386673930
Publishing Date: 4 September 2017

Ajeet is a commoner, a boy next door who is away from the Worldliness and moreover just a happy-go-lucky guy. Aditi and Ajeet are batch mates in a Junior College and share a good chemistry. Aditi is all head over heels for Ajeet and without any hesitation, irrespective of the time and place boldly conveys her feelings for him. Ajeet was infatuated towards Aditi, however, finds his true love in Sumi whom he meets in his coaching class. Wanting to break away from the conventional norms and the shackles of a traditional familial business and to prove his worth to his dad, Ajeet joins Army. Years later a tragedy connects Ajeet, Sumi, and Aditi once again, however, changing their lives forever

Intrigue (no spoilers):
The careful observation of book cover gives you an absolute overview what emotions that author wished to establish. Its well know that life has a beautiful crazy design than what we architect which is for a better happiness. You cannot lose your smile if you wish.

My Review:
When it comes to fiction genre “Romance” plays a vital role and always a best bet for readers, having known this fact author has kept the story mood with romance centric but with a stronger messages, I am not wrong if I call this as matured writing, you would find yourself throughout the book.

As everyone in their love journey must undergo/undergoing life quirks like first love, be in one’s world, care and affection, crush, emotional trauma, short fights, overnight conversations, fear of losing, public romance (ahem .. ahem) and ultimately destiny (losing). Kudos to Shweta Shah through Ajeet and Sumi quite successful in her plot to cover all life stages with a romantic touch. Most of the phrases I can annotate my good old days of school, graduation.

I would say Shweta emotionally touched readers by narrating the pain what Ajeet undergone and beyond the expectation the story was not a happy ending, however special appreciations to the narration grip and simple vocabulary throughout in maintaining suspense till the end.

what is “I Wear The Smile You Gave” to readers ?
It’s a literature feast to romantic loving readers, I am sure you will agree after reading the correlation of plot in everyone life which will make you finish it in one go.

As a scope of improvement, I felt the proof reading would have been much better, at half way it brings the feel plot is not a happy ending which may be point to consider to further spice up with suspense and plot twists

Simpler cover with hidden message – 4/5
Crisp and clear narration and focused plot – 4/5
Blurb deserves improvement – 3.5/5
Good language and vocabulary – 4/5
Proof reading and fonts usage – 3/5

As a whole I personally rate
“I Wear The Smile You Gave” as 4/5
(Not an average though)

Special Mention:
1. Shweta won literary oscar award in the category of # Best Debut – Fiction for this book
2. Wonderful message(poem) in the epilogue section

“I Wear The Smile You Gave”
One time read – Romantic treat

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