Book Review: Turn The Tables – From Challenges to Opportunities | Priya Kumar

Book Name: Turn The Tables – From Challenges to Opportunities
Author: Priya Kumar
Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Books That Inspire; First edition (23 August 2019)
Language: English

Turn the Tables is a book where I have penned down the lessons that I have learned through some really trying and challenging situations which brought me to where I am today, a place where I am a bigger and better person, where I know that I can be the solution to any problem that comes my way and use it to grow further and higher. Challenges have brought me inner strength and power. Success has brought me responsibility and balance. I have learned through both. And I have learned well. To ask for success is to ask for challenges, that is a truth that I have accepted. And so, I ask for challenges, big challenges, and many challenges. I know that every challenge comes with the unbroken promise of success when it is overcome.

My Views:
Being fond of “Self-Help” books “Turn the Tables” grabbed my attention in the recent past. Author Priya Kumar renounced motivational speaker comes up with her 12th book pens down her life lessons and timelines.

This book starts with an awesome quote:
For every problem that life presents, be the best solution that ever was.

This is not only a life changer but also problem solver in many aspects and situations that we face in out daily life. It comprises of 28 independent and beautiful chapters with apt titles and rich content.

Being a sincere believer of positive mindset and composed path which ultimately lead to the destination called SUCCESS, this book reinforces the mantra for attaining the same with tweaks and patches which we generally miss out in our daily chores.

Notably every chapter ends with an assessment section that allow readers to draft their findings and revisit same with the chapter learning to handle the situations in a better manner.

Author gets full marks in the narration style and simple vocabulary. Every chapter in the book is completely relatable to the readers and the respectable events in their own lives.

Though this book carry the life events and the experiences of the author, this book also provide enough dosage of all the aspects that are listed under self-help genre viz: motivation, success, problem solving, positive mindset etc etc.

Not to miss mentioning the book cover, it contains the picture of author herself and her accomplishments. I fell in love by reading the foreword.

I rate this work a 4.5/5. Overall ” Turn The Tables – From Challenges to Opportunities” is a satisfactory read with good writing style, commendable narration and stands well in the self-help genre. It is not a one time read rather I call this as a “Every Time Motivation Read”. Though there may be few improvements like elaboration at few places & slow pace this book is a decent read with prime focus of VICTORY & SUCCESS.

My Personal Picks:

6. No One Can Be Like You.
13. Don’t chase Recognition

You are answer to your dreams
“Your success is your responsibility

Kiran K Adharapuram

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