Book Review: Thank God I’m Fired: A Corporate Enigma | Sandeep Pawar

Thank God I'm Fired: A Corporate Enigma by [Pawar, Sandeep]

Book Name: Thank God I’m Fired: A Corporate Enigma
Author: Sandeep Pawar
Format: Kindle Edition
Print Length: 58 pages
Publisher: Westland (31 January 2019)

My Views:
This book contains insights on protagonist Raghav who is on urge of resignation from his corporate profession who eventually face the surge & instructed to leave the company with a two month salary compensation. Raghav rewinds his live from the day he started his journey and how he met his lady love Indu. This story is an eye opener for every individual who hook up in the clutch of IT Profession, not just Raghav.
This book also provides insights of life outside our profession and finding our own happiness which is stress free and hassle free.
Artistic book cover with an image of employee who is liberated from his so called “IT Profession”, No other title other than this can fit this novella. Decent vocabulary and interesting narration makes this as an interesting & short read.
Book definitely needs a re-work, Author could have taken care on many missing pieces and lacks in deeper analogy. Overall I rate “Thank God I’m Fired: A Corporate Enigma | Sandeep Pawar” a 3.5/5

Recommended Readers:
1. Corporate professionals
2. Short book readers
3. Casual readers

Kiran K Adharapuram

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