Book Review: You Are My Last Love |Kounain Shahi

Book Name: You Are My Last Love
Author: Kounain Shahi
Paperback: 211 pages
Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers (20 June 2019)
Language: English

“Amidst the twists and turns in life, we encounter certain tales which leave a spectrum of memories behind. This is one such tale which is engulfed by the memories of Sameer and Sehar, but as we inch ahead in this journey, we will surely realise that it’s the story of everyone who tries to put themselves in the shoes of Sameer or Sehar. From the crazy campus days, Sameer lands to corporate as an IT professional where he meets Sehar in his first job and they fall in love. What trespassed their journey such that it pierced each block of their canvas of love? What dismantled the township of ‘Sameer-ki-Sehar’? Sehar was his first love, but was she his last love as well? A heartbreaking, romantic and emotional tale based on a true love story which will force you to reciprocate the deep feelings coated on its every bite.”

My View:
Book starts with protagonist Sameer who returns from Kota after a year long training of engineering entrance admissions, who eventually joins a reputed college and completes four successful year with ample memories.

Eventually upon completion of his education proceeds to the corporate jungle life style and gets introduced to so called life lessons viz friendship, love, heart break etc etc.

Well I should say this book will take to your memory lane of college days and first love. Author successfully represented every individual from this novel protagonist sameer.

Though the pace of the book is slow and drags at few places but the narration style is quite good throughout the book. Interestingly author used the timelines and apt chapter titles that justifies every chapter.

Overall I rate ” You Are My Last Love by Kounain Shahi” a 3.75/5. Full marks to debut author for his excellent writing. I recommend this book for avid readers who are fond of love & college life genres.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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