Internet Cataclysm on Present-Day Kids

Internet is a global portal that connects the entire world at the click of a button, as the name says this is a synonym for worldwide zillionth computer devices and weaved under NET. Though the intention of bringing the internet to the world is to be a granary of intellectual information and guided intelligence

The Internet is a boon for all tech-literate communities, and I am here to emphasize this to my beloved children and adolescents. On the other side of the coin, this information superhighway brings in many adverse effects and ends up in a verboten phase.

As per the global statistics published on July 2023 globally 5.10  billion, 64.6 percent of the global population and above users are actively consuming the internet services, interestingly 4.88 billion (95% above) users are active social media patrons. 692.0 million internet users in India at the start of 2023, when internet penetration stood at 48.7 percent. A total of 1.10 billion cellular mobile connections were active in India in early 2023, with this figure equivalent to 77.0 percent of the total population.

Being a person who crossed the typical age group, I can relate to most things the internet brings us along with the good aspects of every individual. While I write this blog, my mind is rumbling with the worldwide adverse happenings as a side effect of internet usage.

Online Games, Gambling, fantasy sports, pick-and-drop game platforms (Rummy), and e-bidding games contribute a LION Share. Though the blame is on both parents and their kids, ironically the above said platforms are getting benefits out of it both financial nemesis and tarnishing vehemence.

Being a kid or young adult is dealing with the recently developed hormonal imbalances, and critical chemical equilibrium incongruity in bringing that carry both physical and psychic transpose. On the darker side, this internet also carries its own menace through an unseen world – DARK WEB, money traps, and so on, ends up in the clutches of getting swindled.

I am sure we all have overheard or read or eavesdropped about the news the world is getting trend ever since the internet era started to stretch its wings. Be it fraudulent purchases and online scams, phony dating sites, morphing, threats, or blackmails. Though this is seen more in adult usage of the internet, it alerts those in adolescence, especially gal groups.

This internet brings in the health haphazard via screen time, vision issues, practicing seclusion, and agoraphobia which is throwing the kids into a land of social isolation. The bigger picture I wish to present to parents. Let’s have this ‘P-P-P-P’ approach

  • Participate
  • Principle
  • Personable
  • Praiseworthy

With too many thoughts in my mind, I am someone who likes and explores devices that are both user-friendly and hassle-free Internet filtering device HAPPINETZ is a blessing in disguise,  it brings in many patented features like appropriate filters, a personalized screen time manager, seamless connectivity, multi-device support and much more. 


Happinetz – Internet Does Not Discriminate brought a free survey for parents who want to understand the relationship between gadgets, the Internet, and the online safety of kids in India. It is really helpful in achieving the above-said 4P strategy, safety internet practices, safety from Internet scams and frauds and more importantly improving the parent and kid relationships.

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