Something I Never Told You – Shravya Bhinder


Book Title: Something I Never Told You
Author: Shravya Bhinder
Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 566.0 KB
Print Length: 143 pages
Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
Language: English

“ She was gone, again; and I failed again and could not tell her how much I loved her.”
Ronnie’s fate gives him a second chance with Adira. His one-sided love story moves at a faster pace this time but instead of becoming his lover; she chooses to become his friend instead. He needs a mentor and Rajbir steps in just in time. Something I never told you is a transforming tale of love, determination, belief and finding one’s strengths.

My Review:
“Something I Never Told You” as the title and blurb says its a nicely woven love story, as the story narration progresses readers will taste the flavor of one-sided love , I can closely relate it to my good old college days. Ronnie who fails to express his pure and unconditional love to Adira and being an admirer, he never dares to convey, does he express his love and made it a successful journey with Adira ? Did anyone take advantage of his innocence?

The answer is this book, as a saying goes “crying baby gets the milk” (sorry for the wrong comparison though 😉 ) Being a one sided lover, unless you express your inner feelings of the heart you cannot win the love battle is the perfect phrase all together. Simple cover picture which throws a clear hint this is not spicy content rather the author has concentrated simplicity and richness in the story content.

Few episodes are very natural I feel the author tried to pen down the common one-sided lover feeling in an efficient way, content has mix up of emotions, decent romance, well characterized, profound vocabulary and heart touching plot.

PS: This is a must read for every one side lover, Happy that I got to read. Proud that even I am belong to same group 🙂

I personally rate “Something I Never Told You – Shravya Bhinder” as 3.5/5 with a decent storyline, natural narration, and special love quotes with a need of minor research and grammatical corrections here and there this turns out to be good book for romantic and love story genre readers.

Special mention as the book is creeping up its rank in the romantic genre within two weeks of its release, I wish Shravya all the very best for her upcoming projects

Kiran K Adharapuram

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