Wrap Up: 2023

While we are much closer to bid adieu to 2023. I love to tribute to this great year in my own words. Yet again as a living soul, I too started this year with ample ambitions, a plethora of expectations,  ancillary worries, diminished sufferings, plenteousness prayers and worship plus heaps of good deeds.

Thanks to my fellow bookstagrammers, organizers, bloggers, authors, authors public relations managers, reconcilers, and myself to keep my reading spree active and not miss a single day without reading a page. Numbers and metrics apart, I could outrank myself in both the target set and the prior year’s count.

The whooping number of books read this year paved a decent way to pen down my perceptions and takeaways. I sharpen my written skills through blogging platforms to pour down and share my work with like-minded friends.

The pandemic impetus to work from home for half of every week impelled me to set up my work environment at home to fit both ergonomically and in my personal growth. As the world is running remotely, I could allow myself to acclimate new technologies and to inculcate the latest technology needed for my work betterment indubitably not missing the fun and boisterous meeting my workmates.

With lesser grumble and cavil, I pat on my back for concluding this year with ample memories, takeaways, learnings, feuds, grapple, and deluge indebtedness. As an honest aspirant and staunch believer, I manifest myself to be a better and satisfied forthcoming year.

My first gratification goes to my supreme demiurge who is my driving force for all the pluses and minuses that happened this year, after all, “nAham kartA hariH kartA” – I am not the doer, Sri Hari(god) is the doer, all the actions that I do are His worship. Next up on the list are my parents who guide me day in-and-out through guiding, teaching, and mentoring, following my paramount younger sibling who is my docent and recently promoted joyful father.

This year’s success I equally shared with my elongated and dependable members who had more trust and confidence in me and played an integral role in shaping me for who I am in all the personal and professional verticals.  First on the list is Jaishree Nenwani“, author of a best-selling book “Tiny Habits Massive Results” and lifestyle blogger. I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for mentoring me to become a professional blogger. Indeed I am indebted to her counsel plus her stoicism for answering my questions, doubts that are silly and imbecilic.

Not to miss my companion, bestie, and late-night comrade plus my Instagram bezzie Miss Shibani Dash, and my entire fam of Bookmist Marketing Agency I am glad that I am also an enabler for a bunch of my friends who are also growing along professionally and following me and accepting me as their ray of professional underpins.

Special mentions to “Storizen” and “BlogChatter” for identifying and providing me an opportunity and prolonged association to be part of their extended crew of support.

As every year brings its energy, abundance of hope, inspiration, and betterment, I manifest to be healthy, with tons of reading, quintals of writing, an ounce of worries, a dash of misery, abundant collaboration, and adequate well-being. Most importantly I pray for excelling in my professional and personal survival plus living up to the expectations of my friends, well-wishers, and the mighty God.

With this, I draw this year 2023 to closure, and  Let’s toast to a new calendar year as well as another opportunity for making it right. May this new Gregorian Calendar year 2024 bring exciting opportunities to everyone. Happy New Calendar Year 2024 to everyone in the world especially to those who are reading my blog with abundant joy, love, and prosperity. 

Let us raise our glasses to optimism, resilience, and endless possibilities. Let’s embark on this journey together, embracing the unknown with courage and determination. Here’s to a year filled with exciting adventures, meaningful connections, and boundless opportunities. Happy New Calendar Year 2024!

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7 thoughts on “Wrap Up: 2023

  1. Wow Kiran.. I love how you shared your feelings about 2023. Your passion for reading and writing really shines through. It’s amazing how you stayed committed to your reading goals and even improved your writing skills. Keep rocking those bookish adventures in the new year.

  2. Really appreciate your sharing of the insights of the year. So happy to read that you had a wonderful year. I wish an outstanding year ahead. May you read more amazing books and share your thoughts with us.

  3. Kiran, your 2023 wrap-up is truly inspiring! Your genuine passion for reading and writing radiates. Your commitment to goals and skill improvement is admirable. Cheers to more bookish adventures in 2024!

  4. Happy new year dear 🤩 such a wonderful message from your article. Cheers to new beginnings 🥂 let’s explore new endless possibilities 🫰🏻

  5. Your reflective wrap-up of 2023 is a beautifully articulated journey through personal and professional growth. The gratitude expressed towards mentors, family, and friends adds a touching dimension. Your optimistic outlook for 2024 resonates, creating a warm and inspiring read. Happy New Calendar Year 2024!

  6. “Your literary journey throughout the year sounds fascinating! Any standout books or writing accomplishments you’re particularly proud of? I’m always inspired by your passion for reading and writing. Looking forward to hearing more about your literary adventures in the coming year! 📚🖋️ #YearInReview”

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