The Protected Rakshasa KAAL: Book 2 of KAVAACH Trilogy

Book Review: The Protected Rakshasa KAAL: “Book 2” of KAVAACH Trilogy By “Pranay Bhalerao”

Title: The Protected Rakshasa KAAL: Book 2 of KAVAACH Trilogy
Author: Pranay Bhalerao
Series: KAAVACH Triology
Pages: 348
Genre: Mytho-Fiction
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pranay is a computer science engineer by qualification, a software developer by profession, and an author by passion.

Pranay is working as a consultant with T-Systems and is a published author of his Action-Adventure book series, The Lost World. He is from Nagpur and had completed his engineering from Nagpur itself. Pranay has won 9 Literary awards for his Lost World Duology

Pranay is a passionate book reader and a storyteller. He has plenty of stories to tell. He has authored three books, The Lost World, The Lost World Rises, and The Protectors Of Kavaach. He believes that everyone has a story, few are told, and few are untold. The untold stories often tell a lot about the person. He believes this world is full of imagination, and the world in imagination is better than the actual world. And he wants to explore the world of his imagination with constant improvements.

One man’s Dharma is another man’s Adharma.


A potter’s family adopted a newborn found floating in the mighty Yamuna River. Unaware of his origins. After being inducted into Mahant Ashram, the prestigious Ashram of Sapt-Sindhu, he became a well-read and the best scholar. He was once revered as the disciple of Mahanta, or Mahanta Shishya, a warrior and a scholar He turns his back on his teacher, friends, society, and GOD for the obsession to get his hands on the KAVAACH of KARNA.


After the dramatic turn of events In Shivgarh, Shaurya becomes the most powerful human on the surface of the earth. RUDRA had to stop him. But it is not easy for him as Shaurya’s transformation has a connection with Kaal and his powers. Witness the origin story of KAAL, who later was known as THE PROTECTED RAKSHASA, AND a cunning mystery connecting the present time

Pranay Bhalerao’s “The Protected Rakshasa: Kaal” is a literary treasure that masterfully marries ancient mythology with a contemporary thriller. As the second book in the Kavaach Trilogy, this novel takes readers on a mesmerizing journey through time, from 617 BCE to the present day, while exploring profound themes of power, destiny, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

The narrative commences in 617 BCE, when a potter’s family adopts a mysterious newborn found floating in the Yamuna River, oblivious to the infant’s enigmatic origins. Raised within the sanctified walls of the Ashram of Sapt-Sindhu, the foundling matures into a scholar and warrior under the tutelage of Mahant Ashram. However, his unquenchable thirst for obtaining Kavaach of Karna leads him down a path of betrayal, forsaking his teacher, friends, society, and even divinity itself.

In the present day, the story takes a thrilling turn as we encounter Shaurya, the most potent human on Earth, whose transformation is inextricably linked to Kaal and his extraordinary powers. The book meticulously unravels Kaal’s origin story, eventually known as The Protected Rakshasa, while simultaneously peeling away the layers of a cunning mystery that bridges the past and the present. The novel’s most striking feature is its masterful narrative, seamlessly navigating between two distinct periods – ancient India and the contemporary era.

This dual timeline not only enriches the story but also ensnares readers in a spellbinding narrative that traces the foundling’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a scholarly warrior at the revered Mahant Ashram. The historical backdrop provides a vivid canvas for the introduction of Shaurya, the most potent being on Earth, whose connection to Kaal’s history unveils an irresistible enigma.

My Accentuation

The thematic exploration in the book is thought-provoking, delving into the theme of power and its consequences. It examines the choices people make in their pursuit of ambition and the responsibilities that accompany authority. It examines the choices people make in their pursuit of ambition and the responsibilities that accompany authority.

The narrative also delves into profound themes of destiny, self-actualization, and the ceaseless quest for knowledge, adding layers of depth to the story. The narrative also delves into profound themes of destiny, self-actualization, and the ceaseless quest for knowledge, adding layers of depth to the story.

My Thoughts

The characters in the book shine brilliantly. The protagonist’s transformation from a defenseless infant to a learned scholar and warrior is a testament to the author’s exceptional skill in character development. This evolution is portrayed with intricate detail, rendering the character endearing and relatable to readers. The contemporary characters, particularly Shaurya, are equally captivating, injecting depth and complexity into the narrative.

My Accolades

While a few characters could benefit from more extensive development, they collectively enrich the story’s texture. Pranay Bhalerao‘s writing style is deserving of acclaim for its fluid transitions between past and present narratives. His evocative descriptions of settings immerse readers in the story’s universe, maintaining a consistent and captivating tone throughout. The author’s adeptness at merging ancient legends with contemporary thrills elevates the reading experience, making it both immersive and intellectually stimulating.

The Protected Rakshasa: Kaal” is a must-read for those who relish a blend of mythology, mystery, and contemporary intrigue. Pranay Bhalerao skillfully showcases his storytelling prowess in this compelling and thought-provoking work, foreshadowing an enthralling conclusion to the trilogy. The book offers a unique and immersive reading experience, leaving readers eagerly awaiting the final installment of the Kavaach Trilogy.

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Protected Rakshasa KAAL: “Book 2” of KAVAACH Trilogy By “Pranay Bhalerao”

  1. I love books of this genre. The backdrop of history and mythology always lends a quality of timelessness to a book. My interest is piqued reading your review, I have not read the first book of the trilogy, but hope to do so soon.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a honest review..this book seems really great and I’m so interested to grab my copy and read this !!

  3. Thankyou for the review of this book..I was in a confusion whether to buy this book or not. Definitely decided to buy.👍
    കൂടുതൽ ബുക്ക്‌ റിവ്യൂസ് വായിക്കുന്നതിനായി കാത്തിരിക്കുന്നു. 🙏🙏ഒരുപാട് നന്ദി 🙏🙏

  4. Your review so clear and precise
    I love the deatails especially your nuances and accolades
    This book is added to my tbr list thanks to this review

  5. I read the first book in this series. It was nice and I committed to read this one also when I finished the first one. Because I wanted to know what the author will portray. Your review reminded me of my that committment. Till now, I was hesitating due to its genre.

  6. From your review it is evident that “The Protected Rakshasa: Kaal” unfolds as a riveting tale that seamlessly weaves mythology and suspense, offering a fresh perspective on ancient legends. With its intricate plot and well-drawn characters, the book captivates readers, delivering a thrilling experience that lingers long after the final page. Would love to read it.

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