Wild Pet by Rocsanne Shield

Book Name: Wild Pet
Author: Rocsanne Shield
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Rocsanne Shield; 1st edition (12 March 2021)
Language: English

As the name says “Wild Pet”, the boisterous lamb turns into a real wild pet :O
A beautiful story of ADRIENNE who is an easy-goer, happy and elated girl who becomes a ferocious fighter under unusual circumstances.

BRANDON the second son of the Lord of Marlon is a happy and excited Knight who has hunting as a hobby as he slays a human monster and saves the damsel, only to lose his heart to her.

Why does a lamb turn into a wild pet?
His wish to get married to the un-usual girl gets succeeded?
Why does Brandon slay the monster?
How did Adrienne react to these circumstances?

Wild Pet is a historical fiction work by Rocsanne Shield. This beautiful book takes on a historical journey with the presence of Knight, Damsel, Monster, etc. All 25 chapters in the book bring their own twist and turns.
For readers who like reading historical romance, “Wild Pet” is the best pick. It has everything which made it a must-read book to new readers as well. Perfect Page turner.

Kudos Rocsanne Shield 🙂 🙂

Happy Reading…!!!!!!

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