“WICCA: A Magical Journey With Spells and Rituals” by Rashme Oberoi

WICCA: A Magical Journey With Spells and Rituals ( Heal Yourself )
Author: Rashme Oberoi
Print length: 171 pages
Publisher: Om Books International
Language – English
Rating- ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Author Intro:
Rashme Oberoi had this ‘inner calling’ and inclination towards occult studies ever since childhood. In school, she was often caught daydreaming or making doodles in her book. She would sit alone on a bench in the playground and switch off into her world. In her reverie, she would imagine flying high above the ground, into the clouds, and in another dimension, which had other beings happily cavorting around into nothingness. She would have this familiar heady feeling of having existed in this dimension long ago

Book Intro:
Wicca, a modern-day practice, is one of the fastest-growing belief systems in the Western world, which is now catching up in the East as well. However, there are a lot of misgivings that people have about it. Based on the experiences of the author, Rashme, Wicca: A Magical Journey with Spells and Rituals takes you through the practices she has perfected over a period of time. While providing a succinct introduction to the subject, it also creates an awareness about the world of the Wiccan that will help dispel the myth of a witch being ‘evil’ and make people realize that the modern-day witch is engaged in working for the highest good. As much a well-written manual on Wicca as it is a chronicle of a wondrous journey, the book will not only make you discover the hidden Wiccan in you, but it will also be an appropriate guiding tool.

My Views:
While I still trying to understand the concepts of Tarot and its predictions, WICCA came as a new syllabus in my reading basket. While most of us are aware of “BLACK MAGIC“, Rashmee introduced her readers to “WHITE MAGIC“. Wicca is the new religion that helps span the ancient religion into a modern belief system. It also encompasses theists, atheists, and agnostics. Unlike traditional black magic and ghosts,
Wicca (WISE People) is based on the Gardnerian (Gerald Gardner – 1954, Witchcraft Today) principle of magic which envisages a sacred circle, modern elements, and gods/goddesses of magic. This book will take you into a whole lot of different experience cum exponential reads. As per the concept of Wicca, every individual can be termed as a “Wicca Practitioner” provided if you are one with nature & resonate with the karmic law of the universe that what is given out is return to you manifold.
Wicca is a “Sacred Circle” to cleanse your aura by making use of universal available energy sources like the moon and to provide healing and charging every individual. Interestingly, the author illustrates the “SIGN” of the White Witch so that everyone can correlate with the psychic energy and nurture human emotions, also additionally there is a checklist to verify our karmic witch sign in the past life.
I felt a real adrenaline rush when I read the theories of COVEN, WICCAN Symbols, Craft Tools, Sacred Circle, Wiccan’s Prophetic dreams, Hecate & Kali, and the respective author’s healing experience.
The author gave many illustrations and use-cases of the magic spells and the power of healing those have on the individuals. I was enraptured while reading about the “Healing with Crystals” chapter, where Rashme talks about different types of crystals and their unique nature that plays in the act of healing and White magic.

In the very last part, the author talks about
1. Tarot cards: Detailed Explanation
2. Magical potions, herbs, salt, and spices: Spell pre-requisites
3. Tricks Galore: Magic Tricks
4. Spell stratification  
5. Spell Jars: Recipe

“WICCA: A Magical Journey with SPELLS and RITUALS” is a book to learn more about healing and an informative guide that makes readers experience cold shivers, horripilation, and creeps throughout. To be honest there are a few places I found myself disconnected, accepting the fact that “New Concept/Technique Adaptability”. I endearment the detailed and illustrative explanations about its WICCA SYMBOLS, Sigils, yantras, runes, and good luck charms.

Favorite Quote (s):
“Wicca: Practice of positive magic”
“Do as you will as long as you harm none”

Notes & Accolades:
Rashmee was truly successful in drafting Wicca: A magical journey with spells and rituals based on her life’s journey and the fascinating experiences on her path of Wicca. This book is especially for those who aspire to manifest their earthly desire and soul refinement.
An illustrative guide to creating magic to empower yourself and others. It’s an awareness journey to recognize “INNER CALLING to understand Wicca & spell craft.
Unquestionably this book is for those who have a healing tendency and not for a “Casual Read“, not to miss appreciating “Om Books International” for bringing this unique book of knowledge and not to skip mentioning the enthralling “Book Cover

Kiran K Adharapuram

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