Change Your Life in 21 days | Riccha Dubey

Title: Change Your Life in 21 days
Author: Riccha Dubey
Pages: 103 pages
Genre: Self-Help
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The book is about gratitude; everyone needs to know and understand. The Theory in the first part explains how gratitude works and what changes occur inside the human brain when we feel grateful for something. How and why do we attract a better life? The second part has gratitude exercises for 21 days. Some days have more than 1 exercise. These can be repeated as many times as the reader wishes. The exciting thing is readers will see the difference as they follow the author’s suggestions. Still, as time passes, the reader gets comfortable doing the exercises easily, and then they can do multiple exercises in a single day.
This is precisely when gratitude becomes a lifestyle. It’s like when you learn to drive a car, you only drive for the first couple of days or weeks, but when you learn it better, you can put on the music while driving, talk to your co-passenger, and do everything with ease. The same is the case with gratitude. So lay back and enjoy this ride to a beautiful life ahead.

A strong belief is in the WESTERN part of the world and most people believe that habits are formed by completing a task for 21 days in a row. After three weeks, the pursuit of that goal should have become a habit. I am sure author Riccha Dubey also wanted to take her book readers in that direction to “Change Your Life in 21 days” via Gratitude/Manifestation

The book is divided into two chunks
1. Gratitude
2. Excercise/Accomplishments

This book talks about gratitude, a positive state of mind, and its emotions rather than the result of good manners. In other words, we all deserve to make ourselves feel good inside before we change the world. In a world where our lives are short, we all forget a basic understanding to be thankful for most of the wonderful things in the respective lives of every individual. The author made a superb draft and in-detailed analysis of the train of thoughts woven with Gratitude as a “Centric” view. This book also breaks many myths about “Gratitude” and helps remove those wrong perceptions we often had towards this simple yet complex jargon.
While we proceed to the second phase of the book, the author further deep-dives into the “21-day gratitude practices“, where she gives a comprehensive guide to studiously practice those concepts of the first part. The 21-day survival guide is a boon to this book reader, as the three-week schedule is crisp, clean, and clear it isn’t a tedious task to inculcate by every individual
Overall if you wish to train your mind and show thankfulness cum pledge to improve your mental wellness to make this world a better place to live and leave behind a buoyant legacy, this book is for you. This isn’t one time. I say this book is to be an “Often Read” referential manifest companion book.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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