Twenty Three : Collection of short stories – BIKRAMJIT SEN

Name: Twenty Three : Collection of short stories
Format: Kindle Edition
Print Length: 178 pages
Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (16 December 2017)

Everyone has a story to tell or a story that deserves to be told. Since no person is the same, everyone’s life is a unique tale.

This uniqueness of different lives is honoured by Twenty Three: Collection of Short Stories that narrates the lives of various people.

Twenty Three tells all kinds of stories, ranging from stories of ordinary people to those of paranormal entities. So, step into different dimensions as you flip through the various stories of Twenty Three.

My View:
This book stands true to what the blurb says, it is an awesome collection of twenty three dimensions of human emotions added with a dash of ethereal nuggets, disposition and many more.

To quote few story teasers:

  1. “There are a lot of Rajesh’s whom we see in our acquaintances destined to face unusual circumstances bonding themselves with inanimate objects
  2. we do come across many humans whose life turns out to be MEMORABLE and unforeseen nightmare.
  3. Somewhere in someplace we also see many BK Das’s who try practicing Magic and have eventually vanished

Also there are many such stories that grabs the readers attention and ends up to be a page turner, I like the kaleidoscopic approach of author in capturing every flavor of emotion along with a mix of psychological, humorous and spiritual plots.

The author could have taken extra care in penning the stories like “The Legendary Tale of the Jatayu” and “Lover’s Love” which seems to drag at times and forces the reader to lose interest . All the names of the protagonist and places used in the book are apt and carries the sentiment of the story. Not to miss mentioning the cover of the book which has a beautiful abstract painting depicting human mind with colorful emotions.

Overall “Twenty Three : Collection of short stories – BIKRAMJIT SEN” turns to be a decorous read that carries a fervour with good vocabulary and a decent narration. I personally rate a 4/5.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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