The Unspoken Scars by “Crrystal Agravat”

Title: The Unspoken Scars
Author: Crrystal Agravat
Print length:  148 pages
Publisher: Inkfeathers Publishing
Language – English
Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Author Intro:
Crrystal Agravat is a 25-year-old writer who found her way through the complicated field of psychology.
Inspired by Emily Dickinson, Maya Angelou, and Rupi Kaur, her world revolves around poetry. Her undying love for writing and expressing thoughts on paper brought her to make her debut in the world of poets. Her poems focus on sadness, love, betrayal, and hope. To her, writing is like the freedom a slave experiences after its banishment.

Book Intro:
In her first collection, Crrystal Agravat exhibits pieces of naked and real emotions enclosed in a poetry book. The book revolves around a teenage girl who saw the world as black and dark but overcame the pain inflicted on her with her resilience and power, evolving into a strong woman. This book gives the reader an insight into the real hardships, the unbearable pain, and the shattered heart of a human being.
Once you delve into the book, you shall form a superficial connection with her.
Jump into this ocean of unmatched pain, struggle, and a ray of hope.

My Views:
The Unspoken Scars” is a roller coaster ride of emotions pertaining to every woman around the world. As the author strongly believes “Every Individual gets the guidance and pathfinding through their inner voice“. This book is a charming combination that segregates into three broader classifications (Viz: Betrayal, Struggle & Acceptance).
One can realize the author’s expertise in the field of psychology through the verses in this collection. For me every poem is a “HEALER“, Author gets full marks for weaving these pearls that are centric to the real-life phases and mixed emotions and events. I could sense the state of reflection in every piece of the work.
I am pretty sure you will start falling in love with the writing style of the author and be spellbound throughout the book journey. My thoughts go to the author and her life experiences, penning down the same to readers’ benefit. Though she was inspired by a bunch of experienced poets, the author’s writing style never seems to be an imitation of those and stands unique and legendary.
The author positively utilized the platform of creative and inspirational writing as an aid to express her freedom from her slavery experiences. I should confess the book is a perfect blend of love, hope, sadness, and betrayal. Every aspect dealt with in the collections are so unique will make you think again and again for deeper understanding plus the power of healing.

From a women’s front, this is a must-read narrative via well-drafted verses that make you taste the emotions that deal with betrayal, struggle, and acceptance. As a lover of poetry, it took me to a different world to understand and think centric plus to acknowledge the emotions to support the world for making a “Strong Women” a reality.
I appreciate “CRRYSTAL”, for her book which me to think and act in the right direction when it comes to succor on the road to getting rid of women’s pain and suffering. Being 25- Year, the author gained full marks in her writing style and her experience in the field of psychology which brings out an added advantage in the aspect of creative and innovative writing.

Favorite Quote (s):
1. Value increases, Once they’re gone

2. You took advantage of his love
and now karma hits you back.

3. Love turns into a compulsion
into a pressurized feeling
that must be fulfilled
The love has faded

Notes & Accolades:
I feel fortunate in writing this women-centric poetry collection which is fully focused on making Stronger sex in the world, Many poems are unique and stand in a special place in my heart for their writing style and the emotion they carry.
I sincerely wish “Crrystal Agravat” all the very best for her future work and to keep inspiring the women’s community and wholeheartedly pray for fulfilling her dream of molding Women into STRONGER and Self-Made Individuals plus making men realize and act upon a world free of “betrayal, struggle and suffering” of women.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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