“Musings of A Psychologist” by Dr. Gauri Nadkarni Choudhary

Musings of A Psychologist by Dr Gauri Nadkarni Choudhary
Author: Dr. Gauri Nadkarni Choudhary
Print length: 188 pages
Publisher: Author’s Ink Publications
Language – English
Rating- ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Author Intro:
Dr. Gauri Nadkarni Choudhary is a clinical psychologist with a doctorate in clinical psychology. Beyond that, she is a blogger, poet, and artist. She started writing because she believed that people connect to stories and poetry in a much deeper way. Things that are not acceptable in conversation, make sense as a part of a story or a poem. She started writing blogs and poems about psychology in everyday life. She has publications in several anthologies and has recently published a collection of her poems.

Book Intro:
The scope of psychology is beyond the clinic. It is in everything that we do and don’t do. The articles are just a different perspective of looking at everyday happenings and how they relate to how we deal with life. ​Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Often we shy away from talking about mental health or we confuse mental health with mental illness. These articles talk about simple day matters which have an impact on us. These are topics that we all face but don’t realize that they have had an impact on us. It is a simpler way to look at things that bother us.

My Views:
“Musings of a Psychologist” is a handout of 61 pearls that talks very much about mental health in our day-to-day life. Every story/chapter brings a different psychological perspective and makes us to deeply think. I could sense the author’s psychological expertise in every line of the story. Interestingly author ends every article with a decent summary that makes us understand her viewpoint.
Appreciate the author’s thinking in penning her life events and respective analysis from the perspective of mental health. The articles are so intriguing you will never feel to put them down. Full marks to her memory and appreciable effort in drawing a logical reason in deducing a perspective out of those blended with her perusal. I am sure there are many articles/chapters every reader can relate to their respective journeys and their life lessons.

My three article picks in the book:
1. The Flame in the Wind.
2. Life without an Undo button.
3. The fault in my Destiny

Readers will definitely change their conventional thoughts after reading this book completely, as the author rightly says “Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual”, no douth this book will unleash a different individual of you and it is a definite game changer. I name this a Mental Health Booklet with a proper mix and match of life events that pump motivation and act as a healer. I am not hesitant to declare this book an all-time companion.

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No doubt this book is the need of the hour to every individual as we are in desperate need of mental health. The author gain full marks through her writing style and appealing vocabulary, I avow this book is a must-read, with the uniqueness of conveying whatever wished to readers through her life events is definitely a game changer in the book world. Though the font and its size are disappointing, the rich content will make you fall in the love with its promising prospect.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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