Maya: I Bow to Thee, You Cannot be Overcome | Timeless Wisdom in a Modern Context: Acharya Prashant

Author:Acharya Prashant

Print length: 339 pages

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

Language – English

Rating- ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1/2    

Author Intro:

ACHARYA PRASHANT is a champion of socio-spiritual awakening in today’s world. He is an acclaimed Vedanta exegete and author of over 70 books, including the national bestseller Karma. An alumnus of IIT-Delhi, IIM-Ahmedabad and a former civil services officer, he is an exponent of pure Vedantic wisdom, a campaigner against superstition, a proponent of spiritual veganism, and an expounder of essential human freedom.

Book Intro:

Is Maya a sly antagonist determined to keep us shackled in our own inner chains? Or is she another name for the game of life, where we could be master player or a hapless pawn? Be it the common man who finds Maya synonymous with materialism, or the spiritual man who accords Maya some esoteric imagery, all fail to comprehend her. She is elusive by definition. Spirituality today has largely become another form of entertainment. However, Acharya Prashant takes us towards a genuine understanding of Maya as she plays out in our daily lives. Drawing on Vedantic seers and philosophers from all ages he makes ageold wisdom accessible in a modern-day context. If you have the courage to let go of your old beliefs, willingness to pay the price for an authentic life, and love for the naked truth, this book is for you.


My Views:
As the author rightly said, Maya is a commonly used yet most misunderstood spiritual concept, Shri Adi Shankracharya in his famous composition of Bhaja Govindam says “मायामयमिदमखिलम् हित्वा, ब्रह्मपदम् त्वं प्रविश विदित्वा: Knowing this whole world to be under the illusion of Maya, you try to attain the Absolute”, myself coming from the lineage of “Shrimad Jagadguru MadhwaCharya (1238-1317) who propagated dualism(dwaita) thoroughly astonished reading this book that spoke and clarified my doubt towards Maya.

“When it comes to Maya from my Guru teaching and experiences One of the popular metaphors employed in the pedagogical and didactic exposition of Advaita Vedanta is that of the rope and the snake.” I always had a tough time understanding this concept but Acharya Prashant with his examples gave clarity on this long pending doubt.

Interestingly author termed Maya as SHE. Through this, SHE (Maya) author clarified her existence, illusion, society, biology, reality anything and everything about her (Maya). Though there are many analogies and quite different understandings about the concept of MAYA, Prashant Ji is well-versed and successful in discussing this complicated yet must-learn concept. He brought many references to sages and scholars and explain their ways and helped in the real manifestation of this concept.

Predominantly the book goes as a Q&A type and in many instances, I tried seeking knowledge as a Listener when AP (Acharya Prashant) tried to explain to the individuals. There was no concept or sutra/shastra left by the author that isn’t discussed in this book Viz Atma, Paramatma, bondage, liberation, Vedanta, wisdom, bhakti, Maya, ignorance, illusion, shining, shadow. bhakti, consciousness, etc.

All the interesting examples quoted in the book clarified the respective chapter’s teaching and prepare yourself ready for the very next chapter which the author wishes to discuss. I will call this a disclosure rather than calling it a book. If you sincerely wish to feed a JUMBO FEAST to your mind no other book can fit other than this when it comes to the concepts of Maya and its associates.

No doubt this book is a must for any human who is a Sanātanī (सनातनी) and I sincerely wish this book made available in all spiritual libraries and reference documents and to include in any education syllabus where these concepts are being taught. Undoubtedly Prasanth Ji was a gem in drafting this book and did 100000% justice for the subject he picked.

I recommend these three chapters from this book
1. How to know Someone’s real face ?
2. The Ninety-Nine Floors of consciousness
3. Three states of Consciousness, Death & Liberation.

My Favourite Quote (s):
There are many in this book including the quote referred by eminent personalities and also Vedic/Upanishad references. The one that grabbed my attention Is

“Real beauty is not only an absence of ugliness but also a total absence of that which we usually call beauty”

1. Be open-minded and read the book to grasp the concepts dealt in this book.
2. Scribbling Pad and Pen are a must.
3. This book is for everyone irrespective of lineage/dharma they follow and is not limited to only “Vrudhapya: Senior Citizens”

I salute Acharya Prashant Tripathi for bringing in the theories who is not only a VEDANTA TEACHER but also an ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST & SOCIAL REFORMER, I sincerely wish to have more and more knowledge to quench my quest on “Gnana Bhakti & vairagya” through his writings. I feel I am blessed to read “Maya: I Bow to Thee, You Cannot be Overcome | Timeless Wisdom in a Modern Context” and to write a review for the same.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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