Heart Quake – Ishita Deshmukh


Book Title: Heart Quake
Ishita Deshmukh

A deadly silence. A pause of intense immobility. The world crowded in. They were Fated to meet in the frenzied aftermath of the Bhuj earthquake (2001), yet the estranged lovers had already chosen different Destinies. While the devastated city staggered through shock waves of intrigue and despair, Sonal and Tejas attempted to discover the epicenter of their relationship. Will Sonal cling to her fiery refusal, or will Tejas make her Heart Quake?

My View:
Honestly, I was bit hesitant when I picked uo this book, post reading my thought was proved wrong. With the backdrop of well known calamity “Bhuj Earthquake” the author has nicely woven an interesting love story.

This is the story of Sonal, a medical-surgical nurse , Tejas leading cardiologist who owns a hospital and their love Which cherishes at an unusual place and unusual time during the course of finding her lost friend smita.

Who is smita ? Did their love have a happy ending?
Get to know this from this book!!!

A Perfectly blended work from the author while balancing the emotions through out the story. A few connotative and semantic errors bring down the reading spirit at places. Interesting narration and the bhuj catastrophe makes this story stand apart in a unique way, the book definitely needs to get another round on proofing/editing.

i disagree to tag the story under the “fiction” genre/label, since it has more to offer to its readers unlike the usual romantic stories. Interesting cover picture with an abstract art of a couple and a quake background hints natural and heart calamity.

I rate “Heart Quake – Ishita Deshmukh” a 3.25/5, overalll the book gets full marks for the narrative style, with more rework to make and to have vocabulary pre-checks, this book stands unique with the bhuj disaster background hence makes the readers appreciate the author’s commendable effort

Kiran K Adharapuram

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