Gratifying Reads: My Favourite Genre Revisit

Let me start the proceedings of this post with a famous quote:

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . .
The man who never reads lives only one.”

I adore reading due to the fact this habit envisages both intelligence and ingenious amplitude. No wonder I feel I am eligible to draft this blog as I completed hundreds of treatises and gained ample knowledge to talk about this topic.

Every book we read is one of a kind. Every book we relish is packed with innumerable emotions like inspiration, spine chill, adrenaline rush, motivation, sadness, happiness, joy, endurance, and so on. I can’t postulate and force myself to savor those groupings because I am frenzy for a few categories of the read.

To the benefit of my blog readers, I am hereby presenting the list of genres I love reading, rather I call this a long list of categories that give me resplendencies. Let me present you the sturdy reasons I consider to start reading instead I don’t regret the purchase or pick-up.

Self – Help..!!

There are many reasons to consider self-help as my go-to pick, first and foremost these books are the granary of incitement. This genre will never disappoint with its content and expound. I am proud to convey that 60% of the books I picked last year are in the self-help category. No doubt self-help books are to be considered as self-therapy.

The key highlight of self-help books is those books can be both casual and serious read. If you are a casual reader you can pick any random chapter and start reading, if you are a serious reader you will have a notepad alongside to annotate the key take-aways.

My Pick:


I remember the quote by the famous poet Robert Frost – “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and. the thought has found words“. Being a poet involves tons of imagination, quintals of creativity, enormous inventiveness, a tinge of artistry, and crumbs of wit. Poetry can bring despair and contentment simultaneously.

It can also ignite your rebellion and march you towards inventiveness through the power of portrayal. While modern-day poetry is being illuminated in whispers of love and romance, for me poetry is the resonance of emotional symphony and a labyrinth of sensuality

My Pick:

  • Gitanjali By Rabindranath Tagore
  • The Tirukkural aka Kural By Tiruvalluvar aka Valluvar
  • Milk and Honey By Rupi Kaur

Child Literature..!!

I strongly believe in cultivating literary articulation starting from a young age. There are a handful of authors proficient in presenting both fascinating and intricating. Interestingly contemporaneous authors add an extra blend of illustrative exemplification to support their writing, this will not only help the young readers to visualize but enable better swotting.

I am a big fan of authors who especially write on our ancient epics and puranas, this is also a good aid for parents to encourage the spree of reading in kids. I am equally interested in new-age fantasy, and sci-fi that help revamp the futuristic visionary.

My Pick:

  • The GITA for Children by Roopa Pai
  • Harry Potter Series By J.K. Rowling
  • Amar Chitra Katha Series

Food & Cuisine..!!

 The Pandemic paved the way to prepare and try the delicacies that are famous across the state, nation, and even continents. As we were highly dependent on making videos, author-turned-chefs and cuisiniers succored readers with detailed making procedures along with pictures which turned out to be BEST-SELLERS in due course. In fact, I read and tried many recipes from the recent reads and treated my taste buds.

My Pick:

  • BHOG Naivedya: Food Offerings To The Gods By Sujata Shukla Rajan
  • Yummy Life On Plate Season 2 by ‘Samata Dey Bose’
  • The Sweet Kitchen: Tales and Recipes of India’s Favourite Desserts By Rajyasree Sen

Science & Technology..!!

Quite a few authors are extremely intelligent in presenting their works in the field of science and technology of course non-academic category. Emerging and trending tech topics in this field are the best bet in diving deeper to learn and adopt amalgamated with hypothesis and axiom making the understanding foolproof and enhancing data-driven decision-making competency.

My Pick:

I am a staunch believer in “Our daily habits are the bricks that build the foundation for our future”, In this new calendar year let’s all pledge to become ourselves as good readers and jolt to pick up any of the mentioned genres and sublet to become leader.

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Kiran Kumar Adharapuram

17 thoughts on “Gratifying Reads: My Favourite Genre Revisit

  1. I must read more science and technology, as AI Rising was great read. It brought out the positives of AI. I can never get enough of Amar Chitra Katha and children’s books. They are the best brain boosters.
    And I completely agree with you on this quote, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . .
    The man who never reads lives only one.” I think you encapsulated the power of reading in this.

  2. Even though I had a presumption that reading self help is not my thing but last year as a challenge I picked up a few and those were biographies and atomic habit. I really did enjoy them and recategorized by interests. I still love to read Amar Chitra Katha and it is still in my top shelf. Science is not my thing though but I love to read about stars and universe. What do you recommend for that ?

  3. The quote took my heart.. its true a reader have an opportunity to live many lives in different place and time. I loved your book recs

  4. Your presentation of points was excellent! I really enjoyed your writing style and the way you organized your points and delivered them was very effective. You’ve covered some interesting and uncommon genres here. I will definitely be implementing your recommendations. Looking forward to read more from you!

  5. Self-help genre books are really a treat for all the readers. I love to read this genre, but with a twist. I sometime become bored reading this genre, but now-a-days if we observe we can easily find out that authors are adopting serval tricks and processes to make this genre interesting and worthy for their readers. “These books are the granary of incitement.” when I found this line from your post, I truly feel elated to express a same view that I too carry within myself.

  6. I absolutely love the way you’ve articulated this post. Starting with the quotes thaat capture the readers attention. Self help was indeed the most books I read this year too. And i could spot two of my favourites under the list. Will check out the rest sooner

  7. I am not very comfortable reading self help books as I find it very difficult to complete reading them, whereas I devour ficiton like munching on chips. As a seasoned reader, would you have any recommendation to a self-help beginner on the best ways to navigating this genre?

  8. I have restarted reading self help books as a way to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the human nature, and some of these books are truly fascinating.
    I love how you are into reading so many different genres… conversations with you must be so lit! 🙂

  9. I totally agree with you Kiran…in quoting that we readers lead a thousand lives! Hahaha! Because the experiences felt through reading is unmatched!

    You seem to have an excellent repertoire. I have read Tiny habits, Massive results, but I am not big into the self help category. Somehow I lack the focus in this genre. I haven’t even read Gitanjali yet. I know it’s a shame. Thank you for the motivation to pick it up.

  10. What an insightful journey through your favorite genres! 📚 Self-help, a treasure trove of inspiration and therapy; “Atomic Habits” is indeed transformative. Poetry, a symphony of emotions and sensuality, with Tagore’s “Gitanjali” and Rupi Kaur’s “Milk and Honey” painting vivid landscapes. Child literature, a foundation for literary exploration, from the timeless “Harry Potter” series to Amar Chitra Katha. Food and cuisine, a delectable adventure with “Bhog Naivedya” and “Yummy Life on Plate.” Science and technology, a dive into the future with “AI Rising” and “The Personal MBA.” Your diverse picks showcase a rich reading palate, echoing Margaret Fuller’s timeless mantra. Cheers to a year of enriching reads! 📖🌟

  11. Poetry and children’s fiction is something that I love to read over and over again. The tirukural from your poetry recommendation is a book that is in my tbr for a long time. Also this year I would pick up more books on food and cuisine genre. The Bhog Naivedya seems interesting. These are some good books that I want to read this year.

  12. It’s inspiring to see how literature, in its various forms, becomes a source of both knowledge and pleasure in your life. Also, poetry and self-help are my favorite ones!

  13. I really liked and relate to the 2 quotes you have shared.
    I have long said that I am an armchair traveler thanks to the worlds I visit in these books.
    I found 2 wonderful poetry books as I was browsing and have added this as a new genre this year. I say new, because the last time I read poems was for my course, and not leisure like i have this time.

  14. your taste in books is so different to mine and that is motivating in a way for me to expand my horizon and read different genres. I had a notion that self help is not for me but I am seeing some amazing recommendations and feeling drawn to read them. I have got my hands on Gur Gopaldas books as I really like the way he speaks.

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