For a girl in a star – Ratna Chandu

Book Title: For a girl in a star
Author: Ratna Chandu
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors; First edition (10 February 2018)
Language: English

What do you do when your best friend, the one person who has stood by you through thick and thin, knows you better than you know yourself and literally saved your life falls in love with the same girl as you? Avinash and Sahas, two village boys arrive in Bangalore in search of art and in pursuit of ambition. Sahas, hardworking and nervous, antonym to his friend, has emerged from a troubled past only to find that his future doesn’t come without encumbrances. Their friendship is the one constant in the two boys’ lives, but that is tested when they each meet Aarti, a mysterious, compassionate, beautiful girl who captures both their imaginations and sets their hearts aflame. Will their passion for the same girl and an untimely tragedy, sunder the two friends forever? A compelling tale with twists and turns reminiscent of India’s melodramatic films, For a Girl in a Star deals with the age old staples of young love, heartbreak and what it means to be a true friend.

Agumbe is a high-altitude village in the southwest Indian state of Karnataka. Surrounded by the Western Ghats mountains in malnad(land of rain) region. A sweet triangular love story of two village boys Avinash, Sahas  and a cute traditional girl Aarti at Garden city “Namma Bengaluru” who are here to fulfill their dreams and ambitions.

What was the twist that lead to this story ?
Whose love won ?
Did friendship win over love ?

Not to further tease, find out answers here:
For a girl in a star

My Take:
“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”, this summarizes the work. A moment of misapprehension can make you to pay a hefty price. Author through this book wished to convey that the instantaneous decisions will lead to loss of relation.
This is a story of two village boys who come to Bengaluru to fulfill their respective dreams end up to the destiny trap and the after effects. I like the Way the author has portrayed the lead characters will make you feel like the person next door.

Story and narration has an artistic touch which clearly convey author’s aesthetic tendency and Village nativity is a factor to definitely to look for in this book. Very simple vocabulary will definitely drag readers and make the book an explicit page turner. Although the plot has less characters, every one has been given equal weightage in the story line.
Author has taken almost care in balancing emotional, friendship and romance savour in the opus. Special mention to the Protagonist Dayanand who plays a crucial role in the plot(no spoilers). Mother-Son love is assuredly to look for in this book.

Coming to the scope of improvements, I would say the cover picture is unassuming, feels like a standard routine template. Title of the book “For a girl in a star” is outrageous, author would have thought for a better one, coming to book page quality which is dire, wish author will reconsider in the next version. Grammatical semantics much be seriously considered for revisit in the entire book.Most of the spots while reading I experienced a Virtual haul which is definitely an area to be improved. Thumbs down to the climax. To avoid the discern of anticipation the author could have extemporized the plot to bring the readers out of “melodramatic” mood.

Overall I rate “For a girl in a star – Ratna Chandu” a 3.50/5 with a tang of friendship, love, affection, devious, romance, decent characterization, family elements, flawless narration, comprehensible language, predictable plot and rough climax makes the book a definitely one time read specially whose favorite genre is mystique & romance. Give a try friends I am sure readers wont regret.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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