9 Yards of Silk – Sakshi Kiran

Book Title: 9 Yards of Silk
Author: Sakshi Kiran
Paperback: 150 pages
Publisher: HALF BAKED BEANS (2017)

Shakuntala lives with her son Bharat in a deep forest. One fine day Bharat reminds her of his father, resulting to upset her. As the child goes out to play a celestial maiden Menaka appears in front of her who offers friendship, suggesting to share their stories with each other. Menaka tells her about Kaushik, a sage to whom she was sent by Indra for disturbing his fierce penance and how they ended up falling for one another. Shakuntala also shares her story of meeting and marrying the charming prince of Hastinapur who later abandoned her. During the conversation Shakuntala finds blessings in her life, why she was abandoned by parents at birth and how her estranged husband was just a victim of circumstances for leaving her. After Menaka’s departure, Dushyant returns to her in the hope of reuniting with family. Now it is Shakuntala’s turn to decide. What would she choose?

This is the story of Shakuntalathe wife of Kind Dushyanta and the mother of Emperor Bharata. The love tale made its appearance in Mahabharatha.
Rishi Kanva who finds an abandoned child in a deep forest(bank of river Malini) who is guarded by śakuntas(birds) takes to his ashram and names her as Shakuntala who grew disciplined and mesmerising beauty falls in love to Dushyanth (King of Hastinapura) on his way to deer hunt during Kanva’s absence and gets “Gandharva Vivaha” which further ends in disconsolate.
This book starts with a beautiful elucidation of Shakuntala Who has lost herself in the thoughts of her past and motherly love towards Bharatha, Takes on to proceed with the conversation of menaka. Should I say the whole story 😉 !!!

This book riposte these questions:
Why did menaka meet shakuntala ?
Did their eternal love story have a happy ending??
What are twists that shakuntala undergo ?

My Review:
Good old play of Kalidasa’s “Abhijñānashākuntala” which is the base of this book. The bedtime story which my mom used to tell to put me to sleep during my childhood days. The author has been successful in reviving those childhood memories in this book. This should be called as a PLAY rather than a NOVEL. The author has shown her magic with the vocabulary she has in her debut novel. Sage Vishvamitra (Kaushika) characterization is definitely a key role to look for in this book.

As mythology is my cup of tea, this book didn’t put my expectations down. Thanks to the author, for making me refer multiple story variants of this play for better understanding. This book also carries finest emotions, love, relation and bondage. Key take away of this tale is When it comes to the heart and destiny even the devatas are not spared,Subtle flow of the book will never make you realize that this is a traditional plot.

Book Cover: Thanks to my mom who explained the cover picture. As she says this picture is a depiction of ” Sage Kanva who takes his daughter to his Son-in-law King Dushyanth, en-route he explains Sthree Dharma – Duties of a Woman and stands as a manual to every girl (till date) who gets married in detail explanation what to do and what not to do in in-laws place & with husband” –  Full marks to Mr Gaurav Dev

My Pick:
Love is not all a person desires. Life is beyond the emotional & physical bonding.

I rate “9 Yards of Silk – Sakshi Kiran” 3.75/5 with composition of love, affection, heartbreaking, fatherly-love, emotions, decent pace and through background analysis and super good narration approach.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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