Fate Eclipsed by “Deepak Kaul”

Book Particulars

Title: Fate Eclipsed
Author: Deepak Kaul
Pages: 35 pages
Genre: Mythio – Fiction
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Author Details

Deepak Kaul – The Author of Fate Eclipsed is one of the best-selling authors, who specializes in writing stories from Mahabharata with a modern twist. If you enjoy reading history and mythology, this book could be the right pick for you

Book Intro

Fate Eclipsed is a mythological tale of courageous Karna from Mahabharata. This Crisp-Short-Engaging (C.S.E.) work is a holistic retelling of India’s epic, of course with a divergent outlook.

What is Fate Eclipsed all about?

Fate Eclipsed is a short ebook that revolves around Karna. When we talk about Mahabharata, we instantly think of Arjun, Krishna, Duryodhana, and sometimes about other Pandavas and Draupadi. At least we think about Karna. He is one of those unsung heroes who hardly received any attention.

The author has quite nicely written this book where he describes every emotion Karna used to hold for his biological father – Surya Bhagawan, his wife, and especially Arjuna.

The book is short and written in simple language but in a few places, I found the language a little difficult to understand. I had to re-read a few sentences to understand. To make the book more interesting the author has added light and close conversations of Karna with his wife.

Overall, it’s a good read for those who like mythological-fiction books. In other words, this book is a classic retelling of a well-known story from a different point of view.

Ending Lines

With a tinge of appealing perspective and a captivating 35+ pages read, this book is a decent try for readers who are keen on reading mythic-fiction books. I sincerely wish the author to come up with much more works towards our epics with an interesting portrayal.

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Fate Eclipsed

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