Book Review: Dogboy x Catfish by “Luke Gracias”

Book Particulars

Author: Luke Gracias
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 320 pages
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently Published (20 May 2023)


If thrillers are what you enjoy, then this one’s for you –  “Dogboy v Catfish” by Luke Gracias. It’s an immersive and suspenseful novel that thrusts readers into a world of deceit, disappearance, and gripping drama. The story revolves around Katherine Fisher, also known as ‘Catfish‘ who meticulously plans her divorce to secure a favorable settlement. However, her husband, Lindsay ‘Dogboy‘ Kramer, vanishes under mysterious circumstances, throwing Catfish into a labyrinth of intrigue and peril.

My thoughts 

Gracias skillfully weaves a complex web of deception, uncovering a dark underbelly of counterfeit goods and criminal activities. The well-developed characters and clever plot twists keep readers captivated, eagerly unraveling the mysteries that unfold. While the intricate plot may overwhelm some, the fast-paced writing and atmospheric backdrop create an exhilarating reading experience.

Within the gripping crime thriller genre, “Dogboy v Catfish” delivers a satisfying and engrossing narrative that leaves fans thoroughly fulfilled. The story presents an engaging journey as Catfish navigates the day of her second wedding, only to be confronted with her husband’s disappearance and the sinister forces at play. The suspense heightens as the police investigation evolves into a full-blown homicide case, intertwining with issues of organized crime, money laundering, and drug smuggling.

The character of Catfish adds a layer of intrigue, portraying a determined and morally complex protagonist. While her actions may challenge readers’ sympathies, her motivations, and unwavering drive make her compelling to follow. The supporting cast is equally well-crafted, with each character serving a purpose in propelling the plot forward.

Writing Style 

Gracias employs a simple yet effective writing style that ensures clarity and accessibility for readers. The unfolding plot maintains a steady pace, enabling readers to follow the events with ease and immerse themselves in the story.

Throughout the novel, themes of greed, deception, and the consequences of one’s choices are skillfully explored. As Catfish navigates a treacherous world, readers are prompted to contemplate the intricate facets of human nature and the lengths individuals will go to protect their interests.

Final thoughts 

Its fast-paced narrative, punctuated by cliffhanger chapter endings, makes it difficult to put down. Luke Gracias delivers an exhilarating and suspenseful ride, skillfully crafting a tale of mystery, deceit, and the relentless pursuit of truth in a morally ambiguous world.

About the Author 

Luke Gracias, an Environmental Specialist by profession, has actively pursued his passion for the film industry since 2006, working part-time. Alongside his love for cinema, Luke is an enthusiastic photographer who embarked on captivating journeys across Europe and his homeland, Australia. During these expeditions, he dedicated himself to documenting a historical enigma that unfolded in the 13th century—an intriguing conspiracy involving the Mongols’ quest for the elusive Devil’s Prayer and the intricate web woven by the Papal Inquisition.


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Kiran K Adharapuram

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