FALL IN LOVE WITH SOUL – The Endless Love Story Of Kota #Hitesh Solanki


Book Title: FALL IN LOVE WITH SOUL – The Endless Love Story Of Kota
Author: Hitesh Solanki
Paperback: 153 pages
Publisher: BlueRose; 1 edition (2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1640075895
ISBN-13: 978-1640075894

This is the story of a Rajput boy named Mohit Singh and a sincere girl named Anamika. It was destiny that brought Mohit and Anamika together. When he receives a wrong number from Anamika, He fell in love with her voice . Though they never saw each other, yet they fell in love with each other over messages. Even before they could meet, Anamika left him for no reason.. After waiting for years, Mohit fell in love thrice with Vini, Vrasha, and Aditi. But the only reason of getting attracted to other girls was his unattainable love for Anamika. This is story is not like any other conventional love story with happy ending rather this story has no end.

Mr. Hithesh Solanki born in 1995 at Kota Rajasthan who is currently pursuing M.Com works as a management executive in corporate sector in his debut novel “FALL IN LOVE WITH SOUL – The Endless Love Story Of Kota” writes about two individuals- Anamika and mohit who randomly enter into each one’s life through an unknown call. The story starts with mohit is a fun loving guy in his college life, who narrates his whole story to Hitesh who is his friend. He strongly believe comeback of his soul mate Anamika rather than his love towards rest three girls (Vini, Vrasha, and Aditi).

My Review:
Author Hithesh tried his level best to justify the quote “Fall in love with people soul, everything is temporary”, he brought in strong point that faith will bring back the loved one irrespective of time, I am sure this plot came out of his experience as the flow goes very natural, the narration comes with an awesome twists as Mohit accepts other girl(s) in his life and they leave him again and again which make him realise his true love Anamika.

Author was keen in bringing the valid point that love is worth with an effort, he also established love tendency may change over time , but true love is once and its forever. Special mention to his love towards the Hindi Poems which is an added advantage to the narration, as known from his works he utilised this as best platform to convey readers in an effective way.

This novels need few improvements then and there, Overall nice plot, good storyline, engaged content worth once read, specially for readers of love story and Hindi poem genre. Improved version gonna re-hit the market soon.

Book Title & Cover- 3.5/5 ( Not much catchy)
Story & Narration: 4/5 (Twisty tale, engaged content)
Characters & Plot: 4/5 (Simple language, Attractive Hindi Poems)
Language and Vocabulary: 4/5 (Needs proof revisit)

As a whole I personally rate “FALL IN LOVE WITH SOUL – The Endless Love Story Of Kota” as 3.75/5 which has a strong point to readers “Fall in love with people soul not for faces” and “Love is worth for its efforts”

Kiran K Adharapuram

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