Consciousness-The Final Frontier

Book Crit: “Consciousness” – The Final Frontier

Title: Consciousness: The Final Frontier
Author: Dada Gunamuktananda
Pages: 196
Genre: Religion/Spirituality
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Dada Gunamuktananda is a yogic monk and meditation teacher. He studied medicine for five years before training in meditation, yoga, and yogic philosophy. He has been a meditation teacher of Ananda Marga since 1995 and has lectured and taught in Australasia, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, and North America.

Dada Gunamuktananda is a yogi and meditator with over three decades of experience in practicing and teaching meditation around the world. More information, media, and content can be found on his website:

Your journey to inner peace and fulfillment

Based on the popular TEDx talk of the same name, Consciousness: The Final Frontier takes us on a journey of self-discovery.

Merging the esoteric and the mundane, tapping into ancient and contemporary wisdom, and using real-life examples, Dada Gunamuktananda explores the concept of our consciousness as part of—indeed one with—a conscious universe. He shows how to connect with the supreme teacher within us through simple and sustainable changes to our daily lives. These changes include following a yogic lifestyle, practicing meditation, and maintaining good hygiene and health.

This book not only puts forth the case for a conscious universe and how a life lived in consciousness leads to inner peace, love, and fulfillment within oneself, but also how these positive feelings can overflow into love and compassion for all.

Combining philosophy and practice, Dada explains how even in times of crisis—even amidst the life challenges of today’s world—it is possible not just to survive but to thrive and strive for a better self and a better world.

Consciousness The Final Frontier” by Dada Gunamuktananda is a fascinating work based on the popular TEDx talk of the same name, covering the journey of discovering yourself.

I’m a reader who occasionally indulges in reading nonfiction books, and at times it feels like all the novels convey the same message, but these prove me wrong. This is not a typical cliché non-fiction book as this book will dive deep into the concept And the conscious universe of ours. We are guided in this book to take a few steps towards connecting with the universe’s highest power, by adjusting our lives.

The book’s main motto is to provide readers with the means of reaching their goals. Life’s inner peace and serenity, and don’t let external sources influence your emotions, thoughts, or feelings. It talks about the importance of connecting with our own consciousness as it will help us think, making reasoned, pragmatic, and emotional decisions

The book deals with the concepts of crisis as an opportunity to grow, control your emotions in bad times, manage things slowly, and not give up on a task but work with persistence and determination.

This book will make clear that our consciousness is very closely tied to the mind of the universe itself. The combination of philosophical and practical approaches in this book has so much to teach us, in addition to the actual examples of life

In this book, readers are reminded of the need to thrive in times of darkness while making decisions with due regard for their own personal development, failure, and decision-making. Even though the concept is deep, the language used in the book is easy to read, and the language is beginner-friendly, the style of writing in the book is clear.

Every chapter in this book is unique and marvelous. Though I played and digested the blatant peroration by Dada Gunamuktananda in TEDx – YouTube, reading the compendium via printed book is always an addendum to make our understanding deeper. My favorite chapter in the book is “Looking Within: Meditation“, where the author holistically provides a detailed explanation of meditation, its uses, practicing principles, techniques, and so on. These lessons guide us to navigate life’s challenges while keeping our connection with our spiritual aspirations alive, making our lives meaningful and extraordinary in their special way.

The author of this book through this book paying his tribute to his guru Shri Shri Anandamurthi, a Modern writer, philosopher, scientist, social theorist, and spiritual leader, Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar has attracted a following in more than 130 countries. Dada Gunamuktananda brought in many references quoted by his guru along with many more eminent dignitaries in the field of consciousness, inner peace, and spirituality. This book is for those who wish to engineer and fulfill the spiritual journey toward self-discovery and Consciousness.

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7 thoughts on “Book Crit: “Consciousness” – The Final Frontier

  1. Consciousness, inner peace, and spirituality intertwine as profound aspects of personal growth, fostering a harmonious connection with oneself and the universe, leading to a more enlightened and fulfilling existence.

  2. Only once we realise, that we need an adjustment to our lives, can we take those simple steps to inner peace. I haven’t read the book but it looks like it could help a lot of people in their lives.

  3. Your review style is impressive. It makes every book to shine more vibrantly. This book already seems a gem, over this your review. Wow! Icing on cake. Keep up the good work!

    1. Dear Kiran Kumar Adharapuram, you are well reviewed about this book. Now a days I am searching for good spirtual books.. Then I got it… Thankyou 🙏

  4. This sounds interesting your review is apt and concise with all relevant information
    Will definitely read this next weekend
    Thank you for sharing this

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