Learn About Your 7 Chakras In 24 Hours

Book Review: “Learn About Your 7 Chakras In 24 Hours” – Channel More Confidence, Creativity and Joy in Your Life

Title: Learn About Your 7 Chakras In 24 Hours
Channel More Confidence, Creativity, and Joy in Your Life
Author: Khushboo Singh
Pages: 92

Genre: Self-Help
Publisher: White Falcon Publishing
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Khushboo is a dedicated spiritual seeker and a gifted Educator with a heart deeply attuned to Spiritual Wisdom. She has studied Yogic Philosophy and the teachings of Vedanta under the guidance of enlightened teachers both from the Eastern and Western traditions.

Khushboo loves to share fact-based content on Philosophy, Vedic Science, and Bhakti Yoga. She has a unique way of simplifying complex spiritual concepts into practical wisdom that can easily be applied to the modern day lifestyle. Khushboo also works in areas of Social Change and Education for young learners. A beacon of inspiration, Khushboo’s work resonates with seekers worldwide, touching souls and rekindling the light within.

This book offers timeless teachings, empowering you to embrace higher truths and find purpose in your life. Perfect for complete beginners, this book delves into the essence of existence, exploring the complexities of the 7 Chakras and the interconnectedness of life. This captivating piece of work gently introduces you to the fascinating world of Chakras and their transformative potential.

Through accessible language and relatable imagery, you can easily explore the unique qualities and significance of each Chakra, unlocking the secrets of balancing and harmonizing these energy centers. All you need is just 24 hours and some Self Love.

Every human body is accompanied by hepta energy positions that enable human existence – Chakras. Chakras are the gateways to those capitols denoting the interjection of body, mind, and consciousness. This book is a beginner’s guide to make readers aware of the mystical hubs in the body.

Chakra aka disk/Wheel is the pathway that life forces a flow of energy. These non-physical entities are a miraculous existence that is the driving force towards the path of emotional, psychological, and spiritual advancements in life.

In the book “Learn About Your 7 Chakras In 24 Hours“, the Author brings in her deeper spiritual wisdom and gifts the readers with comprehensive guidance about the aspects of every chakra along with the minuscule details like meaning, color, location, element, mantra and so on. As with every element of life, we humans tend to deplete it with improper handling, energy blockade, and diminution, to realign back and bring the corresponding spiritedness, the author brings her detailed aide-memoire for all those chakras.

Being a novice in these studies and an enthusiast of learning the miracles of the human body, this book is an indubitably read for me. As the author already hinted, this is a beginner’s guide. I could easily grasp the content which the author wished to articulate.

As the title itself suggests this is a teeny-weeny read, but it gave me a pathway about the astonishing body phenomenon of chakras and the corresponding affirmations, realignments, and much more.

Not to miss mentioning the illustrations and pictorial representations of everything that the author wished to share. Images and graphical composure are a definite stand-out. If you are an amateur and geared up to perceive about miracle called body this book is a kickoff.

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