Book Review: The Valentine’s Week by “M.Kaarthika Santhosh”

Title: The Valentine’s Week
Author: M. Kaarthika Santhosh
Print length ‏ : ‎ 57 pages
Language – English
Rating- ⭐⭐⭐⭐ /5

Author Intro:
M Kaarthika Santhosh pursued engineering, a cost manager by profession, and a writer by passion. She is a published author and an enthusiastic storyteller. She has also published 3 other books on Amazon – “Draupadi in a Brothel House”, “Stri”, and “Little Things”. “Draupathi in a Brothel house” published in 2018 selected as one amongst the five finalists, from over 150 short stories which competed at the Amazon KDP Wordsworthy Contest, She describes herself as a highly perseverant and ambitious person. Apart from creative writing, she likes solving puzzles and traveling around the world. Mrs. Karthinka Santhosh is well known for her short stories like “The Midnight tale”, “Blind Date” and the recent “Stri” (recently re-published)

Book Intro:
Two individuals—a taciturn writer and a buoyant botanist—bump into each other on the very first day of Valentine’s Week to have sparks flying between them. What starts as a casual date soon turns out to be a crush and they eventually find themselves falling for each other. As their relationship gets serious, the girl has to determine whether she wants to go for the guy or keep her untold secrets intact and let him go. What would she choose? Can you find true love in merely 7 days of your life? Can someone you hardly know change your life forever? Will the young couple successfully complete their Valentine’s Week and end up happily thereafter?

My Views:
The book starts with the author’s acknowledgment with a beautiful quote “Love is the purest emotion of all”. As the title say this book is of seven day (Valentine’s Week) journey of two young adults. The female protagonist who is a book author by profession and passion meets a stranger on a refreshing and windy Sunday evening that proceeds their journey with twists and whirls, the stranger who meets our protagonist introduces himself by the alphabet “S” who then surprises her with a rose plant and campaigns #DontPluckButPlant and the story moves on throughout Valentine’s Week

Who is Mr. S?
How did the relationship grow between Mr. S & Female protagonist?
How did the story end?

All the further proceedings, captivative ending, etc will be uncovered in this intriguing short novella “The Valentine’s Week

Mrs. Kaarthika is adorably successful in crafting a beautiful anecdote between two teenagers with a ton of emotions, a handful of cuteness, a spoonful of romance, and a pinch of mystery. As I am not an avid reader of fiction and romance, the start looked to be an “Other melodramatic romantic novel” but the story proceedings fascinated me throughout. My favorite aspect of this book is the story transition phases like Crush to friendship than to relation and further. As a conservative and emotional reader, the climax for me isn’t expected the way it is supposed to be, however full credit to the author to inculcate an unusual climax and making it successful and justified.

Overall book of 50+ pages of short and sweet love story with a tinge of surprise in a journey of seven days (Valentine’s week) leaves a considerable impression and forges you to appreciate the author’s skillful writing. Aspects like decent vocabulary, comprehensive storyline, mind-boggling climax, and gusty narration make this book a perfect read on a rainy/cloudy weekend.
My favorite pick in “The Valentine’s Week” is #HugDay, where I noticed authors eminent writing style in established emotion and charm.

Special Mention:
This book “The Valentine’s Week” recently made its nomination entry for “LitFest 2022”, an organization that recognizes the best work in literature

I take this opportunity to appreciate the author for her efforts, especially the climax, and wish all the very best for upcoming works to mesmerize readers with a different storyline and to have a successful literary journey.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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