Book Review: NUMI: The Guarded Loop | Nupur Sandhu

Book Name: NUMI: The Guarded Loop
Author Name: Nupur Sandhu
Format: PaperBack
Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers (26 February 2019)

“NUMI The Guarded Loop” takes us through the mystic, beautiful and intriguing journey of Nuha, a sensitive young girl. She has already hit the quintessential milestones of life, yet continues to look for the oasis, searching within her soulful realms for vistas unknown. Life is seldom all about the crust. It is an inexplicable amalgamation of memories, insights and the miniature droplets of self-realization we conjure on the way.
The transcendence she experiences through her journey flips her back to the revered but concealed moments from lives gone by; she morphs from a jovial youngster to an enlightened soul, having inculcated the art of being in sync with the supreme Creator. Her trysts with the mystical lead her to making soul-stirring revelations. Discover how the protagonist’s life takes a 360 degree turn when she meets someone with whom she had spent 7200 life times? Experience how the experiences of her previous lifetimes imprint and control her present? Will Nuha be able to complete the puzzle of her deep-felt connection with the stranger?

My View:
One of the different genres which I came across in my recent reads. NUMI (The Guarded loop), Interestingly this book opens with a beautiful poetry lines on divine love which teases the readers what it is offering. This is story of a women in her middle age having a cozy life believes there is a vacuum in her life, person who always in a mood of travelling to explore a world as a different place to live eventually meets her “soul twin” Minha.

What’s next ?
Where did the journey of Nuha led ?
What transformation Minha brough in Nuha life ?
What is Guarded loop ?

To find out and dip into a different life journey experience, have your hands on NUMI.

1. We people live in past fail to anticipate what present/future is to offer.
2. One must find a mentor who help us as a torch bearer for better future.
3. Surreal connections

My Views:
1. Author was successful in introducing a unique kind of book with a view point of spiritual and mystical journey.
2. Simple language flow, decent vocabulary and brilliant narration
3. Author through protagonist victorious with a single point “Find yourself”
4. Idiosyncratically this book is a fictitio-self help genre, the exemplary blend was carried until last line in the plot.
5. Though it drags, authors intelligently vanquished with good writing skill

This book is not the story of Nuha or Minha, its our story our individual story where everyone in the world is looking for a mentor like Minha who can hand held and make us explore our inner-self. I am sure everyone will encounter these people in our lives, however we are so ignorant we neglect the signs that life gives us in finding them.

Overall this is a good read for the ones who likes to try a new genre reading. Its a must read for many of us who are waiting for a mystical 360 degree turn in the life. Not to miss mentioning summary or the analysis part which serve as recap after every chapter. Special mention to Avneet kaur Narula for alluring illustrations.

Its the Guarded Loop of Divine Love that flows
as much as in ME as much as in You!!!

Kiran K Adharapuram

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