Author Interview || Dr. SATYANARAYAN MISHRA

Its pleasure to introduce Dr. Satyanarayan Mishra, author of “Staring at the Sky”

Pic: Book cover – Staring at the sky
Pic: Book blurb

Lets see what interesting things Dr. Satya to share to his beloved readers.

Can you tell us a little about youself ?

I am a person who easily get bored with the things and cant continue to focus in a hostile atmosphere for long.Like others,I need inspiration and motivation to carry my works on .I always think for doing something big I always remember the quote of Swami Vivekananda”Fill the brain with high thoughts,highest ideals,place them day and night before you,and out of that will come great work.”.My biggest weakness is books  and whether I read or not,  I  purchase a lot,stores a lot.I analyse the things from scientific as well as a philosophical point of view.I lack a lot of thingsI.e.nature and habits which could have made me better.

 What prompted you to begin writing poetry ?

In my school days,I was doing well in my literature.Especially I  had  a habit of writing a poem instantly with whatever words and circumstantial supports available.I was a singer too.In  poetry , I  found an easy release of suppressed emotions.It keeps my emotion healthy.

What do most well written poems have in common?

They have their own style of appeal,word composition,message and theme.

Describe your working day?

As usually I  get up early in the morning.I  prefer early morning walk or yogic stretches,mild breath practices,occasional yogic cleansing practices,chanting of verses,short cut worship rituals,going through the news on paper or TV ,taking my tiffin and preparing my self for my daily working schedule.I  also do some vocal practices if time allows.

Are there any poetry forms you have not tried but would like to do?

Yes,I  would liKe to do.

Do  you show your work in progress to any one ?

Now a days ,people have no time for others.If you show for some views,their views may be casual or not acceptable .You can’t wait long and mend also in a real sense to a large extent.Still ,I  show some of my poems or stories on which I have doubt about quality to my family members first and accept their suggestion at the first hand.Sometimes I  take the help of close friends and  social sites.

How do you relax?

I  do yogic practices,do stretchings,walk in the morning.In case of heavy stress .i simply take rest and even opt to sleep post poning my all assignments if possible. Who are your favourite living poets

Who are your favourite living poets?

I have yet to read the poems of many  poets  and it is not possible to give a satisfactory reply at present as   I need enough to read more and more.Many emerging poets in face book are also writing very good poetry and can’t list all.I like Sherman Alexie,Caroline Bird,Daljit Nagra,Jayant Mahapatra and Saubhagya Kumar Mishra.

Can you give any advice to some one wanting to write and publish poetry?

Mastery over vocabulary,clarity in feelings and how best you can interprete,understanding your own feelings,building confidence,reading a lot,practicing a lot,use of social sites in early stages  and to show some body if possible  before going for a print.One should not hanker after cheap publicity.

Something about “Staring at the sky”?

It’s a poetry book of 26 poems of  variety  varying from creation to collapse,from love to romance, from nature to society.its the first English poetry book which got its hard copy form  and e book form by Literoma.Thanx a lot.Though its not a word to word translation  still it reflects the idea of some of my earlier poems in Odia language.I  hope it will touch the heart of the readers.

Do you enjoy promoting your books and meeting your readers? Yes.I do enjoy and shall  try to take the advantage in promoting and meeting the readers if possible for me.

I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Satya for his patience and time, special mention to Literoma team.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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