Women’s Day

To the Women Who brought me to this world.

  1. who brought a change in me
  2. Who strive to live with me.
  3. Who trust me.
  4. who loves my companion.
  5. who is more than a friend to me.
  6. who guide me towards a better future.
  7. who help me to pass the obstacles.
  8. who scold me for no reason.
  9. who care with her affection.
  10. who lost me in a love battle.
  11. who fights for a silly thing.
  12. who made me cry.
  13. who made me laugh.
  14. Who left me for no reason.
  15. who motivate me in believing my capability.
  16. who bring smile on my face.
  17. who make me proud.
  18. who is my secret of success
  19. who is everything to me.

            “Happy Women’s Day”  

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