Transit Lounge – Sunil Mishra


Book Title: Transit Lounge
Author: Sunil Mishra
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Frog in Well (13 October 2017)
ISBN-10: 9352017153
ISBN-13: 9789352017157
Number of Pages: 212

“Transit Lounge” is a contemporary book consisting of short incidents, observations and reflections while travelling to 30 countries across six different continents during the last 15 years.
The book is a personal account of travels to places in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and Mauritius), South America (Venezuela and Argentina), Asia (China, Iran, Kuwait, UAE, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka,Malaysia and Thailand), Europe (UK, France, Italy,Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Georgia,Turkey, Croatia and Romania), USA, Australia and New Zealand.
It was interesting to observe all these different cultures and people from an Indian view point. The book is a compilation of small incidents and events during such travels; it includes losing an air ticket, dealing with difficult custom officials or getting mugged in a prime location in a foreign country.”

This is the best pick for travelogue enthusiast, Author was very successful in explaining the various countries as part of his work and out of his interest, this book stands as manual for readers who are visiting those respective places and he was very keen in looking the places he visited and his experiences(good & bad), few disappointments then and there in his travel, he also made sure the various aspect that reader should consider during the travel and stay in those countries such as weather conditions, habitat, people and their cultural differences.

My Verdict:

If you ever think of visiting 30 different countries sitting at the same place, this book does that trick for its reader, this is an indian perspective of analysing and understanding the country and its people along with the practices and weather conditions and habitats of those place, author took utmost care to keep the place and its descriptions very crisp and clean, thereby reader never felt drag at any place.
As a business traveller of 3-4 countries, I can correlate those places and the key points which the book primarily focused, Author also took care to explain some of the historical connections to those places which drags reader with a decent pace, At few places he explained the cheat, mugging and few of the unpleasant experiences he undergone, I personally felt he would have given some positive point writeup on the same country/Place to balance the negativity, as there was a chance the reader will end up carried away with those perceptions when he/she actually visits.

My Rating:
Book Title & Cover- 5/5 (A sensible an attractive world map matches the book title)
Narration: 4.5/5 (Impressive narration)
Language : 4.5/5 (Simple and profound usage of words)

Overall I rate “Transit Lounge – #Sunil Mishra” as 5/5, one of the good book for travel enthusiastic readers and serve as a manual or a must read to get mentally prepared for their journey, especially culture, habitat, historic prominence and most importantly from people front.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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