Tizistwar nou pays – Tales of Simpler Times by “Nanda Pavaday”

Title: Tizistwar nou pays – Tales of Simpler Times 
Author: Nanda Pavaday
Pages: 236 pages
Publisher: The Write Order Publications
Genre: Memoir
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

About Author:
I am Nanda, I am 51 years old. I started working at the age of 6-7 with my four brothers, helping with my dad at the bazaar. This has been our school of life. Like any child, I dreamed of one day being able to make my parents proud.

About Book:
The book Tizistwar nou pays is a bit like the good old charcoal stove of yore around which people gathered to warm up while sharing stories, jokes, and thoughts about life. This collection of 24 tizistwars will bring back to you the nostalgic feeling of these memories that have remained attached to people, places, moods, and habits of the past, and to moments in time.

my view:
“Tizistwar nou pays” is One of the unblemished memoirs I read in recent times. This book isn’t just the anecdote of Mr. Nanda Pavaday, those are the moments of every individual in their life journey to rejuvenate those prominent epochs of one’s life. Being a past tourist to the land of “Mauritius“, I could able to very much relate all the bits and pieces the author dealt with the days in the “Ile de France”, also this is an English version of the French Book and utmost care was taken to draft the same.

Not just as a memoir, this book also equally carries humor, nostalgia, freshness, and a pinch of enchantment. All twenty-four stories give us an aroma of those Maurice days and leave a delightful mark in the reader’s heart. In other words, this book is a virtual tour of Nanda’s stay in the land of Mauritius and a guided trip to those places and notable landmarks in and around Mauritius. Interestingly every reader can relate good old days and go back to those pages in memory and cherish the days spent. Further, the author provides sketches that are associated with the respective stories. Notably, the author also uses the lines in the “Mauritian Creole” language and the corresponding meaning in English thereby ensuring the readers get the actual fragrance of the native language.

My Nostalgia:
In the chapter “Leker Mama“, the author gave a befitting tribute to his mother and also sent out a message to every reader to go back to those days when every individual has a handful of memories with their parents, especially his/her Mother. I could also relate to the episode of “Ros Kari“, in my childhood where I was helping my grandmother to crush the spices and special ingredients to prepare tasty dishes like Coconut Chutney, Fresh Turmeric crushed for milk and masala preparations.

Overall “Tizistwar nou pays – Tales of Simpler Times” is a perfect gift to the readers via an opportune to go back and walk through the memory lines and to feel “Nostalgia“, Special mention to the paper Quality and the sketches in every chapter that not only help in better understanding of those topics dealt in the chapter but also to experience those life events through the lens of the author.
This book will end with a decent smile on your face. Go for it worth purchasing both for pocket and content. Not to miss, every chapter ends with “AUthors Note” plus the space for the readers to jot down his/her notable life episodes.

If you wish to read a decent book with a decent compilation of “Maurice” interlude and dip in your esse through this work, this book is definitely for those. I do also recommend this book for those who wish to have a “Smile on your face” throughout the read. The book is a worthy buy plus a satisfactory additive.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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