No Shadow Without Light: “Luke Gracias”

Book Name: No Shadow Without Light
Author Name: Luke Gracias
Type & Pages: Paperback ‏ – ‎378 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 8195410030
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-8195410033

About Author:
Luke Gracias is an Environmental Specialist who has been working part-time in the film industry since 2006. The Codex Gigas or the Devil’s Bible is the largest medieval manuscript in the world. It currently resides in the National Library of Sweden. The Codex Gigas has twelve missing pages which are rumored to contain an apocalyptic test known as the Devil’s Prayer. An avid photographer, Luke traveled through Europe and his home country Australia documenting the 13th Century conspiracy between the Mongols who came to Europe in search of the Devil’s Prayer and the Papal Inquisition.

Books that are framed as historical fiction always hold a unique place in the bookish world. Such books improve significantly when some interesting facts are added to them.

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The second book in “The Devil’s Prayer” sequel by author Luke Gracias is “No Shadow without Light.” Even if you are not lucky to read the 1st book of this sequel, reading the 2nd will give you a sneak peek of the 1st one. In the follow-up, Jess Russo is looking for the Twelve Pages of the Devil’s Prayer, which are a group of verses assembled by Satan himself and thought to herald the end of the world. The only person who can stop Jess from gathering all the pages and unleashing a catastrophic global event is Siobhan, who, with a few companions’ assistance, must locate the book’s pages before her sister does.

God and the Devil agreed that once the number of people on Earth reached 6,666,666 in 2006, the good side would have to locate 12 of the Devil’s bible’s missing pages by 2020, with one page to get revealed each year. 
Humanity will perish if they falter in this endeavor. The Devil’s Bible is a colossal artifact from the Middle Ages. It has 322 sheets, 12 of which now missing, and is believed to hold the Devil’s Prayer. Siobhan, a young girl whose mother fled her home in Australia to become a nun after striking a deal with the devil, has been given the mission. Many people are working together to prevent Siobhan, including her sister Jess, who we now know as the Devil’s daughter. 
With numerous twists and turns, the plot is compelling and thrilling. The earth is being abused and destroyed at the expense of humanity and its descendants. It is how human selfishness got portrayed in this book. 
In his author’s notes, Gracias presents several shocking and alarming truths about climate change. This book is just one of many which got released last year that is giving the alert. What actions can our people take to halt this devastation? We can start by assisting elected officials attempting to bring about significant changes. The moral of this story is that people are selfish and that their desire to hoard and acquire valuable resources will ultimately cost future generations’ ability to survive. 
All species can only survive as stewards of the earth if we practice selflessness and rein this conduct in. Even though the tale is fictional, the specifics and descriptions of the actual locations and events are still applicable and relevant to the present. The history of some of the locations Siobhan sees on her quest is fascinating, and the author also includes photographs of those locations. The historical perspectives on religion and the concepts of light and dark, good and evil, deliver a caution.
n addition to being historical, the novel has strong philosophical, religious, and environmental undertones. It involves more than just virtue and evil for our planet and gives importance to humanity and all other species’ survival. 

What did I like?
A few lines are so catchy and meaningful that I picked 2 to share with my readers.
” Social media has taught us that people will believe what they want to believe. “
“Protect the planet you are born on “

Apart from the narrations, I liked the concept author highlighted in his book to the benefit of readers

My Rating:
I recommend this book to readers who are in love with thrillers. If you are a student of history like me, trust me will love it. I would like to rate the book with four stars.

Kiran K Adharapuram

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