The IKIGAI Advantage

Book Review: The IKIGAI Advantage By “Dr. Frederick Sidney Correa and Frederick Savio Correa”

Title: The IKIGAI Advantage
A to Z Playbook To Ace Your Interviews And Build Your Dream Career
Author: Dr. Frederick Sidney Correa and Frederick Savio Correa
Pages: 312
Genre: Non-Fiction/Self-Help
Publisher: Notion Press
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

With expertise in diverse domains, the accomplished father and son duo collaborate to bring transformative insights. Dr. Correa a distinguished HR professional, leads the HR function at a prominent continuously managed, diversified financial and consultancy house, earning recognition as a top Human Resource Leader in Forbes India.

In parallel, Savio Correa, Director of St. Jude’s Business Training Centre since 1965, offers four decades of corporate training mastery. Unified by their ardor, the duo authors self-help books, and channel collective wisdom to inspire meaningful societal change.

Drawing on the principles of Ikigai, we will help you express your inner motivations, strengths, and values and align them with the job you’re applying for.

Whether you are a recent graduate, looking for a career change, or a seasoned professional, this journey shall help you stand out from the crowd and find a job that aligns with your purpose and fulfillment. It is time to bring your Ikigai to your next interview!

This is a holistic Job seeker guide to crack the interviews and to be ready to answer almost all possible interview questions, I am sure many of us in our professional careers we would have come across many template questions and most often we end up either goof up or to panic plus this will be a starter pack for new-seekers.

Inculcating the principles of IKIGAI, this book answers almost every flavor of questions from A to Z. Author(s) well-drafted two frequently asked questions per alphabet and made a thorough perusal with a handful of SAMPLE responses.

This book meticulously addresses every job seeker and it also presents a curated interview check-list that stands out as a last-minute guide and accoutre with adequate kits with do’s & dont along with interview day stratagem coupled with tips and techniques to ace the job selection.

My Accentuation

Being an IT Professional and attending a plethora of interviews and clearing sporadically, I am confident enough to say, that this book is a live savior that not only sets the tone for the interviewers but also merges the author(s) experience to brings in the confidence to crack the interview.

As a fresher, we often misinterpret the questions by an interviewer and pan out with a template response or the inapt replies. Through this book author(s) help the career aspirants to fully understand the intent of the question and help the seekers to build the responses with the provided sample responses.

My Affirmation

On a lighter note, I wish this book was published during my early job-seek stage, I am pretty sure I would have cracked my interview on the very first attempt. Nevertheless, this is a must-have book for those who wish to crack ANY job interview and to succeed in the recruitment process to get deployed in the respective position.

My Thoughts

I am sanguine that this book alone is enough to prepare your last round of the interview selection process and you will not need any search engine help or additional preparation materials to guide the HR recruitment procedure. 

I give full credit to the author duo who pour in their decades of experience to pen down almost all strategies to be employed in answering with confidence and authenticity showcasing knowledge, strength, values, skills, and expertise to end up in your dream job.

By bridging the gaps between prospective employees and employers, this book is the need of the hour. Profound thinking of the author duo to make the job contenders end up in a position they deserve is appreciable. This book is an aid for both the experienced and fresher community, I thank the author(s) from the bottom of my heart for addressing this age-old issue. I am soon gifting a few of these books to my known college fresh grads.

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8 thoughts on “Book Review: The IKIGAI Advantage By “Dr. Frederick Sidney Correa and Frederick Savio Correa”

  1. Ikigai is so much talked about.I havent read it..This book seems interesting to me and your review is convincing

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading Ikigai, but I’m not familiar with the book you mentioned. However, your review makes it sound interesting and worth checking out.
    It’s great that the book can benefit both new grads and experienced individuals. Your intention to gift it to college grads is a great idea. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Interview is one of my biggest phobia. I always afraid of it . This way, this book supposed to be my guide. As you wrote, this book covers all the possible strategies for completing the final round of interview, it caught my attention. Keep posting about such amazing books!

    1. Thankyou for choosing iki gai’s book for this time… Interviews are felt little bit harden to me.. This book can help me to over come interview fear.. Thankyou for suggesting.. 🙏🙏

  4. “Your insightful review eloquently captures the essence of the book, emphasizing its practicality for job seekers. Your personal experiences add credibility, making it a compelling recommendation for anyone navigating interviews.”

  5. This book navigates through each and every details of understanding the work and giving it the best. The programs which the author has talked about is quite good. The authors are extremely efficient and their writing has a lot of depth. They have chosen one topic and discussed it with lot of care.

  6. Ok I have read the i Kigali book I didn’t know there was another one thank you for sharing this information
    Interview is my biggest phobia
    I will definitely pick this one up

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