That Girl on the Street – Sandeep Sharma

IMG_20180614_223251Title: The Girl on the Street
Author – Sandeep Sharma
Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 4260 KB
Publisher: Author Paradise Publishers (9 June 2018)

“Staring out of the window, he could see that lady; walking down the dark abandoned street with flickering streetlights. Stray dogs were barking loudly at someone or something and that could be easily heard from a distance. But she wasn’t afraid.”

This is the story about an author who is obsessed to know the story of his characters and is ready to cross all the boundaries.

How far you can go to fulfill your obsession!

My View:
This is the story of author “Vishwas Tripathy” Who is ready to sacrifice anything which includes his pregnant better half towards his writing passion. In the process of thinking further for his long pending next work, He ends up in a scene that is a replica of the real world!

what happens next ?
What are the consequences he had to face?
Is he successful in delivering his baby (Next Book) ?

Read this nail-biting & page gripping plot to know further!!!

I rate this “That Girl on the Street – Sandeep Sharma” a 3.5/5. Author is well know for his DARK plot genres. Cover resembles an abandoned street leading to a unilluminated path. Short and fast read. I could complete in ~15 mins. Decent narration and decent story line keep the readers engaged till the end. Recommended to every reader As a matter of fact that it’s short, especially for the dark genre

“Obsession could be a good thing but only if you have already decided upon the boundaries”

Kiran K Adharapuram

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