Stranger Side – Vaibhav Dhandore

Book Name: Stranger Side
Author: Vaibhav Dhandore
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Golden Eagles Publications; First Edition edition (2017)
Language: Engli

Rahul and Pooja have a perfect love story, which is successfully elevating to the next level, Marriage. A month before their wedding, Pooja receives a letter from a self pronounced Well Wisher which states highly controversial facts regarding Rahul and his past. The book is a journey of Pooja, as she goes unraveling the truth about her fiance and his past. The truth seems stranger than reality to Pooja as she explores the stories of women with passion, goals and love in their lives.

My Views:
The cover page of the book though looks simple, interestingly it has the half face of a male and female. The concept of printing the names of the characters used in the plot boosts the appearance of the cover. Suspense is the prime element in the story. One of the interesting books I read in the recent times. Very well written. Keeps the readers engaged through out the book. I loved the way the protagonist Pooja is characterized. Book is a definite recommend to any genre favorite readers. If you are a avid reader,when you start reading it gets converted as a screenplay

This book is a perfect page turner. It has an awesome composition of suspense and twists until the last page. One of the interesting and thrilling reads till date. The plot is so engaging that you never stop until you complete the book. I am sure most of the readers will complete this book at a stretch. However I am missing the typical love and romantic quotes in the book as it would have had a better scope

I liked all the names used in the book, justified as well. Not to miss mentioning the book quality and super fine paper, I am that kind of person who tend to complete the book if the paper grade and writing style is fine,however i`m not disappointed with the ending.

Overall I rate “Stranger Side – Vaibhav Dhandore” a 4.5/5 with a gripping story-line, thrilling plot, interesting flow and decent vocabulary. Highly recommended for all the book readers.

PS: Let’s all be “POOJA” who goes in search of truth rather believing someone words, acceptance of Rahul by his lady love with a horrible past is a bit tricky as it rarely happens in reality though (Spoiler)

Kiran K Adharapuram

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