Commit to Yourself : Break Free by “Nancy Katyal”

Title: Commit To Yourself [Break Free]
Author: Nancy Katyal
Publisher: Om Books International
Pages: 248
Genre: Self-Help/Non-Fiction

What is this book all about?
Life is a circus and you are always doing a tough balancing act. The only way to be what you want, do what you want, and have what you want is to change your mindset, attitude, and actions. If only change was that easy. Commit to Yourself makes embracing change a cakewalk, not a tightrope one. It offers no dense philosophy, no Gyan. It lays out simple but time-tested ways based on pioneering studies in behavioral science and the author’s many years of experience in mentoring thousands of people from all walks of life to change themselves first because all changes— personal or professional— you desire to bring in your life depend on it.

The author explains why your current approach to handling things does not work, makes you understand and overcome your biases, and thus creates the much-needed mental shift to get you out of your comfort zone. Committing to yourself is not a selfish act, it takes courage. The author helps you take the first step in that direction by breaking free from what no longer serves you— toxic relationships, and self-destructive thinking and habits. She shows you how to live by your core values; discusses strategies to beat odds, handle regrets and failures; build your muscle of courage, and find your authentic self. The various self-reflective exercises in the book help you to accept yourself, love yourself, and improve yourself, not just your self-image.

What does this book offer?
In the bigger race of journey called LIFE, we often fail to perform to our threshold capacity. It offers adaptive frameworks, empirical strategies, and many handful aids and beneficial techniques to discover own-self and to change the conventional etiquette to let go of the contrivances of every lone personnel.

What makes this book so special?
This book is for those who want to put themselves a priority and commit themselves to their respective journey. This enticing treatise is made as seven decent slices where every chapter is centric which justifies the title “Commit to Yourself”. The author thoroughly dealt with the concepts like Leap of Faith, Life Journey, Driving Force, Break Free, and Journey redefined.

This book comes in handy with many interesting life events of the author and her analysis that decently enables insightful analogies and motivational retreats. Nancy also took many advertence citations from legendary and inspiring leaders and experts towards the journey of uniting the “MIND KNOTS”, which will be a value add for deeper cleansing of every individual mindful thought processing.

Ample use cases and worksheets provided in this book are undoubtedly useful succors to overcome the fear of an amenable mindset that hampers individual accomplishments. The stepwise approach followed in this book serves as an addendum and will keep you engrossed in the reading process. Technical drawings and artistic impressions used then and there are indubitably contributing fringe benefits to the book readers. Assessments and summary that is included at the end of every chunk will not only retrospect the learnings but also emend and act upon creating their impact.

Being a certified presence coach and leadership consultant plus the hefty experience author carries in both corporate circle and client facilitator, the author chose this book publishing as a perfect channel to pour in her experiences, factual information, and paradigm of those she encountered thereby helping every individual for a balanced and thought-provoking culture of “Commit to yourself” pragmatic attitude.

Is it worth buying?
A must-read self-help transformation handout for every individual, indeed a live-saving treatise with a collection of verses that inoculate perception of exploring true potential and meeting “NEW YOU” towards better personage both in the professional and personal realm.

Scope of Improvement in the book
Self-assessment Q&A and Work Sheet can be further expanded.

Favorite Quotes in this book (if any)
i) “If Nothing Changes, nothing changes
 ii) “All that you need is within you
 iii) “We judge others by their behavior and forgive ourselves by our intention”

Being a super active and busy spoke person, Nancy is always on her toes to meet and greet lovely readers. With so much knowledge to share with her target audience, she was invited to many literature fests, tech-talk, TEDx talks, book club discussions, Live Streams, Client Interaction and fun-filled cum innovative conversations, lot more.

About the Author:
Nancy is the Lead Executive Presence & Leadership Coach. She has touched 1 lakh plus lives through her training and coaching programs. Nancy is one of the leading voices in the Corporate Circle. She is also a visiting faculty at top management institutes like IIM. She has served Fortune 500 companies, Celebrities, and Thought Leaders. She has grabbed a wealth of praise in leading newspapers, news channels, radio channels, and magazines like FORBES for her work.

Direct Links:
You can reach the author in the below channels:
Twitter: @nancykatyal
Instagram: @nancykatyal

Closing Thoughts:
Full credits to “Om Books International” for publishing the inspiring and informational book that caters needs of every individual that ignite a spark and introduces a perspective towards a NEW self-driven human being and discovers life by “Commit to Yourself – Break Free” both personal and professional periphery

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