Book Review: “The Smart Travelista’s Guide” By “Linda King”

Title: The Smart Travelista’s Guide
[Turn travel plans into memories with ChatGPT]
Author: Linda King
Genre: Non-Fiction
Publication date: 30 March 2024
Series: The Smart Travelista’s Guide
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Linda King, an author, travel writer and travel blogger. As a former travel agent and banker, the Smart Travelista brand is about travelling and saving money.Linda written and published nine books – seven in the Smart Travelista series and two in the Antics from Abroad series.

Linda’s travel journey..!!

In her own words: Travel is a big part of my life“. As a child, we went on a four-month road trip around Australia. This opened my eyes to the world and I’ve travelled ever since.

I’ve been so lucky to travel to some amazing places – 34 countries and counting..!!

So, whether I’m travelling the world, writing a book, a blog, or posting a travel video my goal is to share travel tips with you. The resources of the website are here to help you so be sure to have a look around.

Need to plan and book your next holiday but don’t have time? Want help with travel planning but can’t afford to pay for it? Then this book is for you. Amazon author Linda King, in her seventh book in The Smart Travelista series, shares her helpful tips on how to use ChatGPT to plan and book your dream holiday.

In “The Smart Travelista’s Guide: Turn travel plans into memories with ChatGPT”, you’ll discover the secrets to planning and booking your next holiday. With helpful travel tips and ChatGPT’s expert help, you will be ready to take off in no time.

This isn’t your average ChatGPT book. This easy-to-follow guide will take you step by step in how to get started with ChatGPT and give you tips and tricks for using ChatGPT to create your ideal holiday itinerary. Loaded with support and guidance and 108 ChatGPT travel prompts to use, travel planning has never been so easy.

Dalai Lama, spiritual leader, and head of Tibetan Buddhism once said – “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”. Traveling not only refreshes you but it solaces the soul plus introduces the world to us. Modern-day travel isn’t as easy as “Pack & Go”.

Traveling is a strenuous task if you are given the job of organizing. It can be tiresome given the multiple things which one needs to keep in mind while planning a trip. But author Linda King has given us a peek into a whole new world which makes things so easy.

We rely mostly on the known and loved recommendations who already travelled to the place which we finagled, or we rely on sources like travel blogs, and notable websites like TripAdvisor, medium, thomascook, and so on…!!

Leveraging technologies like genAI, ChatGPT, chatbots, Maya, and so on are game changers that are now being handy in the planning and researching for making the trips hassle-free. However, though market-led technologies are coming as helping aid, we often lack in consuming the offerings fuller. Generally, these hurdles are because we as individuals fail to adapt the same and curate as per our needs and demands.

Linda King’s “The Smart Travelista’s Guide” book is a ground breaker; this spectacular handbook is a boon to plan your next trip with the help of ChatGPT and AI. AI is taking over the world and ChatGPT is a perfect brainchild of it. Linda talks in detail about bestowing this platform for your travel demands. Then she guided us on how we can use it for planning.

Being a techie and active user of the expert system powered by artificial intelligence for most of my repetitive tasks and to get the full benefit out of it both personally and professionally. I didn’t think tools like ChatGPT could be a supporting hand for exigencies like travel, event planning, and so on.

The book is dissected into two portions:

The first half deals with the basics of ChatGPT as a platform and the second is how we can use it for traveling. ChatGPT is a platform that works on prompts and gives you information based on the previous set of data. It also can be used for problem-solving and learning. It is a user-friendly option for using AI in our daily lives.

The next part is a proper guide on how traveling can be made easy using AI. ChatGPT helps you through every step to give you the best traveling experience. It gives shape to your dreams and helps you to keep in mind crucial factors like health and safety.

Before the start of every chapter, Linda gives a dainty overview of what she wishes readers to investigate and impedes with innumerable prompts starting from booking flights, hotels, safety, stay, budgeting, special events, and many more.

After finishing this book, I am confident, that I will never be going to have any issues in planning to make my trips memorable ones. ChatGPT will be my guide throughout and I am so ready to ace my job. And if you are planning any trip, do check this book out. It is worth every page!

My Pick(s)..!!

My favourite chapter is “Travel Inspiration” where she presses on the travel desideratum, I tried a few of the prompts, and believe me, the results were astonishing and equally fascinating. Commendable effort and handy prompts deserve a big applause for Linda’s effort and special thanks to her for reducing the research or googling time for the meaningful prompts.

Book Quote(s)..!!

  • Where we travel to usually starts as a dream or an idea. Dreams drive us to take action and make them a reality.
  • Your budget also usually controls where you travel.
  • Using ChatGPT is like having a virtual travel assistant help you with things you don’t have time to do

Book Accolades..!!

With the successful completion of this book, I just wish to have a hands-on with all 7 book series, where she touched upon the traveling addendums in detail like pocket-friendly travel guides, health and safety manuals, food allergy detailing, solo travel tips, and so on.

The Smart Travelista’s Guide series is available FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.

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