Bharat Ane Nenu – భరత్ అనే నేను

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It so happens due to circumstances Bharath, Younster raised in London swears in as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Inexperienced Bharath without any political knowledge takes charge and assimilate for people welfare:

Did he succeed in his mission ?
How well he managed against his odds ?

Spoiler Alert:
Though this resembles to be a known story due to the fact Tollywood (Telugu Film Industry) produced few of this kind. However Koratala Shiva(Director) succeeded with his unique direction skills and good screenplay. This is a must watch movie for every Indian citizen for the fact that it addresses few day to day problems in the society.

Few highlights in the flick:
1. One must become leader to serve the country, not be influential on any factors that transform as a political leader.
2. Every citizen and leader should maintain healthy fear & accountability for abiding the laws for hassle free functioning of government and a peaceful life. 
3. Need of “Local Governance” which make people and needs closer to the funds in bringing them into reality, unlike the present centralized approach.
4. Commit and strive to accomplish promise you make 

Second half of the movie drags at few places, however the story outperform. Would have  been minimized fight sequences or brought few reality in many places. Female lead dont have much work to do in the plot other than dance numbers. Nevertheless to say Mahesh dressing style, rich look and classy performance which stands as one of the film plus points. Overall I personally rate “భరత్ అనే నేను” a 4.25/5

               ఏ నాయకుడు లేని దేశాన్ని సృష్టించడమే నిజమైన నాయకుడి లక్షణం

Kiran K Adharpuram

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