4 AM Conversations – Ayushee Ghoshal


Book Title: 4 AM Conversations
Author: Ayushee Ghoshal
Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 1212 KB
Print Length: 116 pages
Publisher: Half Baked Beans (9 March 2017)
Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
Language: English

From the Ferris Wheel of Love and anticipation to the Carousel of Loss and despair.
From the darkness of delusion to the bright rays of self discovery.
Four AM Conversations with the ghosts of old lovers is a handpicked selection of poetry written for the love that got away and also for you.
You, who forgot to love the lover you’re meant to love all your life. Yourself.

My Review:
Coincidentally I had a chance to read this book at 4 AM, the soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone. This book is divided into NINE parts, each part speak in its own way. I would call it a poetry or rather a mini series of the anecdote. As the title suggests it has a dread of spectres. Author is successful in carrying the emotion throughout the book. Being a poetry maniac I am glued to this book and its flow. Few gloomy tales will make our eyes moist as it closely relates to our life.

This work is a feast to the eyes of a literature lover who would never miss reading it I rate this “4 AM Conversations – Ayushee Ghoshal” a 4/5 which emotionally connects the readers, perfect vocabulary, simple English(though there are few complex words) and swift flow.Not to miss mentioning the interesting cover page with a lit cigarette, glass of alcohol and a broken watch showing 4 AM.

My Pick:
“In silence my heart mutters a thousand confessions of love”

My favorite title:
An Old Diary

Kiran K Adharapuram


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